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May 1st Poll - Where you work


Hello :slight_smile:
This is my working place.


in my room where i feel comfort :slight_smile:


This is my working place :notes:


At home were I find comfort


me too! :grin:
the home is the best place!


We bought our first house last year and the goal for me was to create a home office space good enough to live in. After a year’s worth of work, it’s complete! My day job is designing and my hobby is knitting lol.


The TV is too close to you…it should be at least 10 feet in front, otherwise it could damage your eyes.


Appreciate the sentiment, but I stare at a computer screen for 8 hours a day for work so I think my eyes are SOL anyways :slight_smile:


nice place!
nice job!


You win the thread :wink: That Push 2 looks preeeetty sweet as well (yeah, I looked it up)

Now I might as well repost this:


I work at everywhere…On laptop…


are you a farmer??? :smiley:


No… I am the famous
Bat-Girl :night_with_stars:


Thanks so much!
I work 8 hours per day with push!


I could never work at home properly, home is full of my sons’ giggling, carrying him, changing is pamper, responding to his crying and wife’s non-stop gossip… However, 300 km away from home is a calm apartment given by Pakistani Govt. where I do sit and fulfill my appetite of freelancing… Here lives me and my laptop with some books on Power Plants and some novels…


i work everywhere in my home like desk and bed :slight_smile:


I currently do voice overs from my closet. It’s too claustrophobic though. And, I have my computer etc outside of the closet so it’s inconvenient. I am currently setting up a corner of my master bedroom with soundproofing materials etc so I can have a bit more space and air circulation.


These are both gorgeous settings! (I work from home, so snow is always just a gorgeous thing outside my window. Ha!)


WOW, amazing ! Love yours


Thanks so much @design_ish:smile: