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May 1st Poll - Where you work


I work at home and at my day job office. Very soon It will be 100% at home


wow. Really Nice :smile:


At home, on my bed. Nothing beats home when it is about comfort and peace!


wow, very beautiful place to work


i can work almost everywhere as long as i have flat table and internet connections, now i have an office with 4 staff to work in design but mostly, my bed is the best place to work :grinning:


I have my laptop, but rarely internet connection when I’m out the whole day (and sometimes night).
I do have a “hole” of 2 hours at midday and in the night between 02:00AM and 05:00AM when I’m out.
As I don’t get paid in that times, I work in my laptop wherever I am. I just need to copy+paste my client’s requirements in a word/text document when I have a connection, and work with it. :slight_smile:


I used to work as a real free agent: anywhere I could find internet: coffeeshops, libraries, open office spaces (from friended businesses) but mostly at home. At the kitchen table. At some point I felt (I’m using a macbook) my head ache the day after a long day of work. Now I bought this ergonomic desk and put it in the living room where we still had some space. I also bought a laptop stand and focused on my posture. Head aches are gone and I sleep much better. :slight_smile:


I work from inside a container, will share pics soon.


What’s seen can’t be unseen. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I thought it looked familiar…
You have a great inspirational space, with the lighting this way. Johannes Vermeer used a space that was very similar so often in his paintings. He changed it to suit, the shape of the window panes to manipulate the light and draw the eye or let it go elsewhere, and even coloring them for balance, or changing the arrangement of the furniture and the cabinets - or lack thereof, with tapestry hangings or painting in other artist’s paintings on the wall in the back for added theme and allegory. He used your arrangement in many of his paintings, with a table or workspace placed just where yours is. The lighting and the space are wonderful, aren’t they? I do like your arrangement, so clean and flowing. A lucky guy with an artistic eye!


LOL…I am lost for words. Thanks, I guess :grin:


Well, if you are ever in Brazil let us know. We are in Rio and Sao Paulo, mostly. Otherwise, I work and travel in USA - California, Hawa’ii and US Virgin Islands.


Sometime at office with buddies but most of the time at home :smiley:


This is awesome!:grinning:


I can legit work under a bridge if I have to. As long as there’s internet and a place to plug my PC of course. However I think myself and everyone else here would really just prefer couch-potatoing their way through orders.


I for sure work at home, in private, with no noise lol.


I work in a small padded room (my vocal booth) where I talk to myself all day. Sometimes, I get sick of hearing myself, but there’s never any office politics there! :grinning:


so here is my workstation

Love it :heart_eyes:


I would love to try those fancy coworking spaces but, unfortunately, I can’t afford them at the moment.

Maybe next year


Somewhere in darkness and silence…