May 8th Poll - Across Categories


Do you have multiple active Gigs? If so, do are they listed in multiple categories? Let us know where categories your Gigs are listed in the comments!

  • One Gig, one category
  • Multiple Gigs, all the same category
  • Multiple Gigs, 2 categories
  • Multiple Gigs, 3 categories
  • Multiple Gigs, 4 categories
  • Multiple Gigs, > 4 categories

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Also, it’s really difficult to find a GIF for “category”, “survey” and “Gig”. Anyone have any suggestions?



What about this as “survey”? :stuck_out_tongue:


I found a few GIFs, but they’re like on the edge of what’s appropriate & inappropriate :smiley:

I see that until now most have multiple gigs across 3 categories… like myself. I think there’s something magic about the prime number 3.

However, I do think that having gigs across more than 3 categories can result in gig confusion, workflow and delivery mistakes (I hate when that happens!), focusing issues, etc.


Same here, but I imagined, I can share a cute one, so anyone doesn’t mind. :wink:


My Gigs are in Graphic Design.


Mulitple gigs in the same subcat should be limited to 3 IMO but that’s not as big of an issue as gigs in irrelevant subcats. Many many gigs that are in one subcat but belong in another but they want to reach others in irrelevant subcat so it kills all subcats with irrelevant gigs listed in the wrong subcats. Fiverr needs to crack down on this harder…IMO


Categories or subcategories? (The two are frequently used interchangeably.)


All my gigs are under the same category and subcategory too :slight_smile:


4 gigs are all 4 are different categories.


I just Joined and this is my first comment. And I will create multiple gig and multiple categories


I don’t understand - the topic’s subject is clear, the poll is clear, yet I see a lot of flagged off-topic posts, and they keep on posting in this place…


People Power :smile:


Hard working with research is one of my suggestions.


Multiple same gig need to submit same categorize.


I create Multiple gig for a reason.

All gigs are web design but on different platform and I want to put the on correct category that’s why I create Multiple gigs. So I can make gig as per platform (HTML, Wordpress, Wix, Godaddy, Sitebuilders) buyer can buy my gig with more confidence and understand what I offer for particular platform.


multiple GIG same category :slight_smile:


All of my gigs are in graphic design.


My 5 gigs are in 2 categories ( 5 different subcategories though)


Multiple gigs in multiple category and sub-category.