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May be in 4 to 3 days my account will close

Hi my name is Furqan Qurashi !
Today i am shair with you my experience on fiverr. I join fiverr on jun 2017 but start working on may 2018 in 2 to 3 month i earned high money but my mistake bring me to this situation resently i got negative feedback from buyer its not my fault .The buyer behaviour is not good he not reply my any message i refund his money but he not remove negative feedback.Then in next day i got strike from fiverr yes its my fault that’s way fiverr give me but before strike i did same mistake 2 time.I do not know when my account close. But at the end i want to say that fiverr is a best platform for seller just follow the rule of fiverr Good Luck Thank You.

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You have to obey the rules if you want success in anything. As you said, you did the same mistake multiple times, so you have to pay for that and you know that.

Regarding buyers, no one can do anything but we have to be polite, humble and professional with them in order to get the deliveries successful. There are some buyers that are kind enough that they would give you tips more than the order amount (if they like your work) and there are some dicey buyers who play with the system and want to get their work done for free. You have to understand their psychology by communicating with them and proceed accordingly.

Be respectful, kind, professional and do not break the rules and policies.

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Next time i will try my best to maintain everything.I not lose hope i will comeback and follow every rules.Man learn with mistakes.Thank You !

Why would you repeat the same mistake 3 times and get yourself banned?


Not three time but two time.After first mistake i not know its mistake i do another when i done another then fiverr give me strike.

This makes it look like you made the same mistake 3 times (now, plus 2 times before that).

Anyway, the best thing to do is to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and to stop breaking the rules. Not knowing the rules is not a valid excuse.


thank you catwriter .