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May help you relax with a Vietnamese pop song by my voice :)

Nice to be your friend. I’m Lily.
I’m not a singer, I don’t sing very well either, but I love singing.
I can sing some sweet Vietnamese pop songs then send you the records that may help you relax.
Just give me the name of the song you like or I will pick some song by chance for you.
Hope you like this!

If you want to sell a gig of you singing, even if it’s just for fun, buyers will want to know if they enjoy your singing or feel relaxed by it. Make a video for your gig and you can either show yourself singing or just put a nice slideshow on it and have your singing in the background, but either way you need some kind of demo. What you are doing is fun and brave but if you really want to sell it, I think you’ll need that. Good luck.

Thank you so much Fonthaunt.
That’s a useful advice. I will improve my gig. Thank you again! :slight_smile: