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May I allow to edit my Gig?

Good Day,
I am very new on Fiverr. I created two gigs few days ago but then did not know much about how to create a perfect gig. After joining the forum, I gather very helpful tip. Now I want to edit my gig
gig’s Images and description.
May Fiverr allow me to do this. Will it affect my account badly, if I change my gig’s Images or description?
Looking for expert’s suggestion.
Thank you.


if you new on fiverr you can edit your gig , if you level 1 or level 2 seller then you facing some issue with gig like not show in search result, impression down etc.
NOTICE: delete your gig and create again. Try to not edit.


Thanks Brother @nitul20.
I have two reviews and a good number of impressions. So, I do not want to delete the gig. Please Brother take a look and suggest me what can I do next.


Bro delete your gig and create new one, if you edit your gig if it edit not properly then it not get my suggest delete your gig, your review show on your profile don’t worry.


Thanks a lot Brother.


Welcome brother, always try to not edit your gig.

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Brother, Let me know one thing. Can I change the package price?

Yes you able to update your gig price

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Okay, first a correction.
Edit as often as needed, but as little as possible.

Read through this thread:

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No problems ,
If you are a new seller you can do it .

Thanks a thousand @imagination7413 for your valuable advice.
Please, take a look my gigs and tell me is everything okay?
Thank you.

Thanks brother for your kind information.


Please see (DES) point 1:

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Thank you so much for your

Edit some parts - your fine.
Edit others - Fiverr team needs to manually check it, and thus your instantly pulled from the search - they took 7 days to manually accept that I removed 1 letter (a typo)… 7 days without orders or being seen. Ridiculous, do not edit your gigs unless your going away for a week.

However I did up my price on another gig by 20 dollars and it was still in the search, so I dunno. Havent a clue


Thanks a lot Brother @nextstepz.
Being a new one on Fiverr, I am so worried about my gigs perfection. So, I want to edit it.
Now I am clear about it. 16 days goes but I got no Order that’s the another reason of my worries.
Thank you.