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May I ask some of the top sellers for constructive feedback :)

Well, after being on Fiverr for about a month or so, I figured I would of seen a bit more buyer interaction by now. I’m guessing that I might be missing something and I would like to see if I could get some constructive feedback on my gig from a few top sellers that might be able to point out some issues that may be causing such a poor beginning for a new seller. Thank you all in advance for taking time out of your schedule to be a valuable sounding board. Dean


Hi there Dean.

Just a couple of thoughts:

-your category is overcrowded. I get spam messages from VO artists every single day. I report them immediately as they are breaking Fiverr’s ToS, but that’s besides the point. Point is that if people in your category are cold-calling for sales on Fiverr, you know things are bad.

-you are using at least 3 tags-key words that I seriously doubt people would look for when searching for VO talent. I think that’s hurting your placement in search results.

-If I were you I’d lose the reviews in quotes in your gig’s description. They are not offering any social proof in that context, and they are taking up valuable space that you could use to get your message across.


You get spam from VAs??? I’m so sorry on behalf of all the other serious VAs on Fiverr. I guess some sellers don’t realize this isn’t where the talent is expected to bid for the jobs.

Seriously, if you’re a voice actor here on fiverr– please remember that your portfolio/gig/talent and customer service are your calling card, and we’re lucky enough to have clients come to us if they like what we advertise. Spamming people for unsolicited work is just as annoying as that person stopping you in the parking lot trying to offer to fix a “problem” on your car for cash on the spot. Why would you ever trust that person?

@deanbrightman I’d be happy to chat with you about some of the lessons I’ve learned in the VO category and I agree with @frank_d on the advice he gave and I can expand on that a bit if you’d like to discuss this in PMs.


I’m not a professional, nor a top seller, but I hope you don’t mind my popping in and applauding your gig: wonderful voice samples! The only thing I found intimidating was the sheer number of FAQs you have. Maybe some of them could be worked into the gig description, since @frank_d suggested editing that?


December is one of the slowest months on Fiverr. Normally I’m flooded with “can you’s” in my messages. But just a trickle of buyer inquiries this time of year.

You might point out how a warm, friendly, welcoming male voice will get results for the buyer. It’s a voice people find comforting, want to listen to, want to know more about, and brings a good feeling to the buyer’s product, service, or idea. This goes miles/kilometers toward building interest and getting the sale for the buyer’s business.

I’ve been a top rated writer here for many years. But was previously a major market radio/TV talent for 20 years. Just drawing from my humble experience.

Best of luck with your gig!


@frank_d Thank you for replying, very solid advice and I appreciate your feedback very much. So much to learn as a new seller. I definitely want to come across as authentic and not a spammer. Thanks again for taking time out to lend a hand.


@imagination7413 Thank you for popping in :slight_smile: A lot of what is on the gig is information that I was told would be of benefit. But I am quickly realizing that I was probably given outdated suggestions. Thanks again for your input.


@fastadking You for sure have wise counsel that I will glean from. Thank you again for your insight.

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Thanks your information.

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I buy voice over all the time, no one will buy from a seller who deliver in 2 days! Make it one day as first step.

And, if will be better if you record yourself for the introduction video. That tells people that you are a real person, not a robot.

Finally, aim for ratings and reviews at the beginning. Try 400 words delivered in 1 day with unlimited revisions. Yes it will be hard and you may get hard buyers, but at the end it is worth it.

All the best


I’m sorry, but this is just bad advice. When you offer unlimited revisions and a lot of work for $5, you open the door to people who do not want to pay and generally trailer trash resellers who can’t even communicate their end clients’ order details clearly.

@deanbrightman First off, up your prices to a minimum of $20. It is 2020. Fiverr started in 2010. Back then, $5 was a wicked incentive. Now $5 sellers just get abuse. Namely, by attracting people with the highest expectations, the shortest fuses, and the biggest chips on their shoulder.

You can offer a $5 starting price to build reviews. However:

  • Buyers will drop you like a hot mince pie when you raise prices in the future.
  • When that happens, you will go through a period of barely any sales as you struggle to attract higher-tier customers.
  • By offering your service at $5, you are making it harder for yourself and other competent VO artists to charge what you and they are really worth.

Other tips:

  • Enable packages and create one going all the way up to $100 that includes all commercial licenses.
  • Create a video or a more attention-grabbing gig image.
  • Create several gigs all offering voice overs for different niche industries.

Most importantly of all, do not offer unlimited revisions and take that $5 price out somewhere and shoot it before it starts turning rabid. You are worth more than this.


I just told him what I did and what I see the best and fastest way to get more sales on fiverr for VO artists.

Im sorry but I would not recommend your way specially in the voice over niche. I bought more than 600 voice over gigs till now, and thats what I do as a buyer on fiverr. Although you are right, but it is what it is. I was roasted for days for $5 so many times when I started… But still it is worth it at the end.

You can share yout wat of doing it and I can share mine, its his call at the end :slight_smile:


Though aren’t most of the voice over gigs with the most reviews (and probably sales) the ones that don’t offer unlimited free revisions?

The price might be okay/enough since after commercial use is added it will be $30 and even more with full broadcast use and/or with 1 day delivery (though that wouldn’t stop people buying it and not buying the commercial use license even when it was needed). Though I agree that 1 day delivery as standard should get help with sales, at least to start with.


" just as annoying as that person stopping you in the parking lot trying to offer to fix a “problem” on your car for cash on the spot. Why would you ever trust that person?"

That’s a fantastic analogy. I just don’t understand why people think this will work and why they don’t see how rude and sketchy it is.


I just want to take a minute and say thank you! So much great content to digest with your reply. Along with all the wonderful people who have thoughtfully provided incredible insight. It’s just an amazing forum with amazing members. May your 2020 be the best year ever!


It’s the recent ones that I think have the re-compressed/lower bitrate audio - I assume Fiverr added new software to re-compress the videos/audio in the gallery section whenever they get uploaded. I think the ones before a certain date are still all a higher quality/bitrate audio (if they were encoded as that) as they haven’t been through Fiverr’s new re-compression software (or the same software but with new, lower quality/bitrate audio encoder settings).



I am not a VO artist, but I know many. They get sketchy clients who cancel or complain or want ridiculous revisions at high prices. Price based on your experience and what the market demands and do not worry about how the buyers will treat you. If you are here a while, you will get an array of buyer experiences.

My only constructive feedback, is no sales. I do not like the idea of a 2020 sales. Your prices are already discounted, and if you value your talent, people will find you who want to pay.

As others have said, December is Slow here. Hang in. Took me three months to get sales one.

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@silberma1976 Just took action on your advice :slight_smile: Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

You are welcome. I like how you presented yourself and asked for advice. I get many messages in my inbox from people telling me “tell me how to sell here”.

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And are they freelancing full-time? Is their work actually worth more than $5? Are they managing to make ends meet because the cost of living where they are is lower? Or are they just doing Fiverr for beer money?

I could easily have 4,000 reviews by now if I’d never increased my prices from $5. I had 20+ messages a day. The simple fact is that none of my buyers cared that much about quality, and I had bills to pay.

When buyers don’t care about quality, you are nothing. When they do care about quality, they remember you and refer you to others.

From my experience, there are four tiers of buyer on Fiverr.

  • First, you have the winging it reseller. They have a whole digital marketing agency that they outsource orders to on Fiverr. and they want the cheapest price while you work as much as possible.
  • Secondly, you have the hobby Fiverr buyer. These people have a rough business idea that simply isn’t going to work out, but ordering on Fiverr makes them feel accomplished. They have micromanaged something, and that’s a start.
  • Thirdly, you have the serious reseller. They have clients who expect top quality.
  • Last, you have the single end buyer who has got their :poop: together. They have a solid business o plan, know how to guage the quality of deliveries and know a discounted fair market price when they see it.

I’ve had orders from hobby buyers and winging it resellers that I know have resulted in deliveries that are never going to serve a practical purpose. Businesses with a $5 marketing budget just don’t succeed.

By comparison, I’ve single handily got businesses to the first page of Google, got referrals from that, and got returning customers, by getting my pricing on the radar of the serious reseller and the occasional person who has their business :poop: together.

Pricing comes down to the market you want to target. I think the OP is better than most $5 VO actors I’ve heard, and I’d like to suggest they try and tap the right market early.