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May I change the GIG gallery regularly?


Hello there,
I’m new here at Fiverr. Just completed two jobs with one buyer. I got two very positive reviews from him/her.
But now I’m not getting good impressions, views, and clicks.
Is there any problem with my GIG Description or GIG Gallery, I mean GIG Video?
May I change/update the Gig video weekly?
May I share my GIG link here?
If I can, Is that spamming or legal?
Please help me.
My section is WordPress Developing, and if have time please visit my gigs and put your suggestions/comments below.
Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:


Promote your gig social media daily every day
impressions, views, and clicks. Increases


you can promote your gigs on social network. best of luck


you can promote your gigs on a social network. best of luck
Why did you email me emailing me?
I did not ask you such a question


Thanks for your suggestion.
I share my gigs everyday on twitter and linkedin.
Do you prefer more platform for promoting?
If yes, please , mention them.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Do some changes in your title and tags.


You may do whatever you please with your account :slight_smile: You don’t have to ask for permission. It is your account. I can only give suggestions. :+1:

I’d suggest that you have a gallery up which showcases your (hopefully) broad range of skill sets and the more they align with what your buyers are looking for, the better!

Please remember. Editing your gig removes it from Fiverr’s search and will, therefore, not be visible to your buyers, which leads to lost business opportunities. So, I don’t think it is a good idea to edit your gig weekly.

I think you can share your gig link here as it is about “improving your gig”. So, yeah, you could edit the first post in this thread to include your gig link(s).

Good luck! :smiley_cat:


Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. :)’