May I create another profile for my web development team


This is my personal Fiverr profile, but I want to create another profile for my web development team.
By the Fiverr ToS am I breaking any rules having two accounts, because I would like to use both of them for different purpose (this one to stay for me as freelancer and other for doing freelancing jobs with my team). Thanks in advance


i think fiverr not allow two accounts.better you must contact with support for best suggestion @k0mz69


Fiverr follows one ip for one account opening or you can say one sign up from one ip. It should be a dedicated ip for one account.


Thanks for helping me


I will contact support and see ask them.
Thanks for advice.


I’m thinking right now something.
We have the office for our team from where we freelancing and work on some projects together.
Because we are all on same Wi-fi is that mean that we can use only one fiverr profile from this office, because other members of my team also have their personal accounts?


If all of your team members already have their accounts, why do you need a team account, too?

Anyway, that’s another question to ask Customer Support.


We want to have account for our team and promote our team on fiverr and other freelancing platform by same name.


All right, tell it all to Customer Support, and ask them how to do it, exactly, without risking to get banned. :slight_smile: