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May I create two different fiverr id?

May I create two different Fiverr id from one internet, though there have one IP on a different computer?


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The terms of service says:

…users are limited to one active Fiverr account and one active Fiverr Business account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community will be disabled. Mass account creation may result in disabling of all related accounts.

If Fiverr detects you having 2 normal Fiverr accounts you’ll likely get one or both accounts disabled.

That’s incorrect. One person cannot use 2 normal Fiverr accounts at the same time. Those may be the rules for 2 people using the same IP address but for 1 person they can’t use 2 normal Fiverr accounts - see above. They’d be seriously risking their account if they did.


I personally asked the Fiverr support team that he told me.

Let me tell you something if we’re five people in our home only one person is allowed to use Fiverr?

That does not make any sense actually Fiverr allow more than one account at the same connection but with the following:

  1. The accounts may not sell similar services
  2. The accounts may not purchase from one another
  3. The accounts may not share a withdrawal provider (Paypal/Payoneer)"

We here using more than 3 accounts at the same network (IP) one of them is mine and the other is my friends who are working here at my office for the local market but everyone has their own account and we’re using it from the same IP we have discussed this with support team there is no issue with multiple accounts just keep in mind the above points.

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The OP didn’t say there was going to be more than one person using the accounts (ie. 1 normal Fiverr account per person). He only asked if he could create more than one Fiverr ID from one internet/IP.

It’s different if there is more than one person (so that there’d be 1 normal account per person).

He said:

May I create two different Fiverr id from one internet

No mention of > 1 person.


I think there are some misunderstands. Actually i want to know that. I’ve 2 computer in my home and two computer are running from one internet line. So my question is here if I create two fiverr account in my two pc then, have there any problem or not?

Who will be using the Fiverr accounts? Just you or you and someone else in your house?
If it’s you and someone else in your house you should be able to have 2 Fiverr accounts running from your house (if the other person creates theirs, and subject to the conditions @wpiloveu gave (basically 1 account per person).

If it’s just you who would use it, you can only have 1 Fiverr account (or technically, 1 Fiverr account and 1 Fiverr business account).

To be safe I’d ask CS and get confirmation from them first if there’s more than one of you would be using the accounts (basically 1 account per person).


Thank you for replying I am confirmed 100% because I asked the CS and he said to me if you have any concern you can discuss with the CS.

From Fiverr, you’re not allowed to use more than one account per person but your other members can make accounts on the same network must follow the above points as you can discuss this with the CS for better understanding!

The other account must be on another person’s details Fiverr only allows one account person.

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No way to do that but I will suggest you to work on your own account. Once, your gig will be ranking then, you will not have time to mange any other account.
Moreover, it’s against Fiverr TOS and they will block your both accounts if got tracked.


No no i don’t have two account in same pc rather i want to know that if i create separate account in separate pc. Is there any problem or not?

As others have said it’s very simple. You cannot create two accounts for yourself. It is not about two laptops or even two connections or even if you access it from two different houses. It is not allowed on Fiverr.

Both of your accounts could get permanently disabled if you do that. And any new account you make after that.

One person is allowed one account only (or one regular account and one Fiverr Business account).

Only one account! Check out Fiverr’s ToS

Number of pcs is irrelevant. Number of internet connections is irrelevant.

There’s ONE rule that matters:

1 person can have 1 Fiverr account. That’s it. 10 different people can use the same computer/internet connection each with their own account. If one person has 2 accounts and they are caught, they’ll get banned, even if they use it on different computers/internet connections.


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