May I get Feedback on my Gigs?


Hi Guys =) I left Fiverr for a while and am trying to build my profile back up. Can you leave me some feedback about how you think my gigs are from a Buyer perspective? Thanks!

Also, if you would care to order, that would be fabulous as I am trying to become a level 1 seller =)


It will be hard for you to get on a roll with 60% feedback. You may have to offer something really appealing to get those first orders. I’m guessing you’re really low down in the search results too.

I wish you good luck, though.


Looking at your profile, my guess would be that you deleted one or more gigs that either had a lot of 1 star late reviews or that had work delivered that the buyers didn’t like. Unfortunately, when people see your gigs most will assume the latter.

If it were me, I would actually ask Fiverr to close the account and give you permission to start brand new with another account. They are pretty good about that if you haven’t scammed people or broken the Terms of Service. Your current gigs don’t look too bad. Most people who want reviews want Amazon reviews which can get you in trouble. I would suggest that fresh start I mentioned coupled with some thought about what you could do that would set you apart from other new sellers. Good luck!


Reply to @fonthaunt: I have only had two bad reviews because I was forced to cancel them. Every other review has been 5 stars, unfortunately I have not gotten a high volume of orders. This was over two years ago, do you think the aged account is better than a new one?



Reply to @ionebarton: Well, you have 3 reviews (2 by the same person) and no levels. I would think you’d get 10 good sales and a level 1 better with a new account, but there is never a guarantee. Perhaps some other sellers will chime in. Since buyers can’t tell why your rating is so low and you won’t be able to achieve level 1 until you get at least into the 90% range somewhere, I think you’d be better off with a new account. Your account itself is older than mine, though, so its really up to you.


I have to agree with Fonthaunt.

I actually had an account with over 350 feedback reviews last year. After some time out sick though, I received many cancellations and went down to 89% feedback. I wanted a fresh start after that, so closed my account and made this one. It’s really hard to fight back once you fall below a certain ranking level. Fiverr has changed in many ways. The new setup can really bury a seller.

It’s not like it’s hard to get level 2 either, is it? All you need is 2 months worth of time served here.