May I give my skype ID to my buyer to contact smoothly?


May I give my skype ID in reply of my buyer to contact smoothly?


Reply to @designotree: I just saw a seller with his web address on his profile. The site has a contact form on it, so it violates Fiverr’s TOS. I submitted a ticket. Hopefully they’ll take care of it soon. Otherwise, there’s no point of having rules if there’s not enough staff to monitor them.

UPDATE: CS removed the link. :slight_smile:


No, that would be against the terms of service. If your gig requires Skype, please clear this with customer support first.


Reply to @ozzieuk: Ok then I never knew this. I’ve got gigs which require Skype tutorials which were Approved. But now that you mention it. If someone wanted to reply to my gig or send me a message once the words Skype are forbidden in the message.


Reply to @ozzieuk: Are you saying that those people who have Gigs for Skype like teaching spanish on skype or many other gigs are doing something which is not allowed by Fiverr.?

Seems strange because I have found some of them to be ‘featured’ gigs and wondered how can something which is not allowed by fiverr be in the featured category?


I would love to be able to offer live readings via Skype as an extra, but, do not want to jeopardize my account here. I have seen others in my category able to give their Skype info to clients to do readings. They even say in their write up that it is approved by Fiverr. Now, these are featured sellers, so, perhaps you have to be a bigger fish in order to get the OK.

I will write to them and hopefully get a response. I suppose if anyone writes to them and gets an OK, to keep that email to use as proof if they do wipe your account for eliciting off site contact.



Yes its true, using any type of communications, outside the fiverr contact system is strictly forbidden, including email and even sending a link to some one, such as a url or your own website. ! I learned this when I first joined by reading horror stories of sellers getting suspended or banned for using any outside service, even FB and Twitter.

Everytime a customer asks me to contact them via any where outside of fiverr, I let them know and direct them to the rules in which it says so. I inform them that the last thing I want to do is get into any type of trouble with fiverr.

So a word of advice! No emails, no urls, no links, no websites, no facebooks, no twitters, no instagrams, no etc etc etc etc… Dont mention any of these on fiver and you wont get into any trouble :slight_smile:

Note: Yeahhhh whats up with all these sellers offering services for FB ,twitter etc etc etc. and nothing being done to them?


If you give out your skype id via regular messaging, its against the TOS. But if your gig requires such information, it maybe okay, but you should ask CS beforehand to be 100% clear.


some days ago a gig(logo designing) was created… the seller have a link in the description I thought that could be banned or removed soon but next day the seller got 19 orders… is not it worrying, the seller who abide by the rules and regulations get more sales than any one who is following rules… that’s just ridiculous. I am logo designer too and I hate such kind of bugs :frowning: (I am jealous too :))


I think you will find that people with gigs that offer services over skype have to be approved. I also doubt anyone offering services over skype will last very long if they try any “funny business”. All it will take is someone from fiverr to order the gig to test their integrity and see if they are offering to work outside fiverr.


I don’t think, it’s allowed


You are not allowed. Read the TOS


I am soooo confused by all this — I just got a warning email from Fiverr for talking about skype as a method of completing one of my more complex gigs (it might be necessary the more I get into the complexity of solving the buyer’s problems.) I know that skype is a flag word but I also see featured gigs mentioning skype in the headline so I figured it must be ok as long as it is for making gigs function and making gigs sell and making the buyer most satisfied with the gig.

There is so much that can’t be done if skype is forbiden in the more complex-to-perform gigs of the type I and many others offer, and there seem to be lots of gigs that include skype as part of their base service, so I guess I am totally confused.

How can I best meet the needs of buyers to ensure they are happy and that the gig is completed successfully, when the occasional need arises to communicate in real time with a buyer?

Hope this makes sense - I just want to keep earning the $$ and keep the buyers happy here.


Thanks for the great insight into this - its much more helpful to know some of the thinking behind this stuff because oftentimes, as I hope CS can imagine, the barriers to accomplishing a gig can be the only thing a seller sees as opposed to any of the related concepts and risks that Fiverr staff have already thought through.


So then, if I am to serve as a buyer’s virtual assistant, ALL interactions MUST take place through Fiverr. What if the buyer wants to do a collaborative hands on project with me, and opts to use a Google document that can be shared and updated in real time? Is such an interaction allowed, or will it be regarded as a violation of the Fiverr code of conduct?


You may not give you skype ID, but you can try and contact support about this matter. In one of my gigs, I request buyer’s email address for a notify me form. It was stopped for approval from Fiverr, but it was approved. So it is possible to share contacts, but if it’s absolutely nessecary and part of the gig’s delivery.

So, this is my opinion on the matter :).


No. You cant… and try to avoid to share your personal details too


Avoid using any type of outside communication , it can lead to account restriction.
I think Fiverr should add a Video calling feature like facebook or some kind of messenger .


That is a one way ticket to being banned.