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May I have a feedback on my gig?

Hi guys,

I’ve been on Fiverr for few months now and it would be really helpful if I can get any feedback on my Gig on how I can improve it or just any review on my work.

Here’s is my Gig:


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you cant get it here sorry

You’d be able to get it if you posted in the Improve My Gigs category :slight_smile:

Have moved this to “Improve My Gig”. Suggest you lower your prices until you move up the levels.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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have I not put my post in the “improve my Gig” section :thinking:? is says I did. But thank you for the respond :smiley:

hi there friend…I would make and add a gig video so people coupld get a better sense of your work. At the very minimum I would add many more images so that you have a portfolio and a sense of your range.

I wish you success!

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Thanks for the respond :slight_smile: Actually im currently working on an animation intro to go with my video, but yeah I will try to put 3 pages full of my art work in meanwhile. Thanks again

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  1. Your English is pretty broken from someone who advertises as being UK-based. That looks very unprofessional and will drive away English speaking clients (which, from my experience, make up the vast majority of serious buyers with serious money to spend).

2)Your gig doesn’t stand out. There are thousands of sellers with loads of reviews offering the exact same thing (or better) for the same price.

3)No gig video. Videos drive sales. I can help you with this :wink:

I have to say my english isn’t perfect :grin: still practising, but I can cope being in a conversation with the client discussing on their order. As for the video i’m still in a process of making an animation intro video which hopefully will do the charm. Thank you! for the feedback also :smiley: