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May I have more skills?

Hi everyone!
I’ve just came across to Fiverr comunity
I’m a musician and I wanted to create a producer/composer profile
the thing is
I can be a session musician and a sound engeneer too
I wanted to know if it’s possible to include all those skills into a single profile
or I have to create different profiles?




You can only have ONE account/“profile” on Fiverr. You can offer all of your services from your ONE account.


ok thanks
if I offer a composer profile can I offer a session musician service too? which is kind of natural
being a composer it’s easy to be a session player
the thing is :
on payment info
you only get payed on a one skill base
like the picture in here

so…is it still possible to apply with multiple skills?



You need to create 2 separate gigs for 2 separate services you want to offer.

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I can’t get how to do that
is there any help tutorial for managing my profile?..sorry I’m little lost

thanks again

Click on your profile, next to the gig you created, there is this button:
add gig

click on it and you can start creating your second gig. New sellers can have up to 7 different gigs.
Imagine a gig is like 1 amazon product listing that people can purchase. So you can have different product listings depending on the product you want to offer.

Thanks a lot!!!