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May I Increase My Gig Price?

Hello Every One I Am Saazy911. I Am A Video Editor I Have Completed Almost 1 Month And I Deliver Lots Of Gigs In Dr0pshipping Ads And So I Want To Know From You Guyz My Gig Price Is Just 5 And I Want To Increase To 10 Is It Good For Me?


maybe good because you have ;lots of order


@saazy911 Hope it will be helpful.


yes but i can;t manage all

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thanks for you precious advice

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I doubled my gig price to help manage orders. The result was positive.

I lost most of the sketchy scammer type buyers who only want to pay $5, so I ended up dealing with mostly really good buyers - and I made more money.

While orders did fall away a little for a few weeks (which was the idea!), I found that people were equally as prepared to pay $10 per gig as they were $5. The only difference was that the quality of the projects improved, which made it easier for me!

I then offered less value per gig by cutting the amount of work I was prepared to do.

Good luck. Doubling the gig price was only a positive experience for me.


Thanks for quoting my advice. Right now I just want to get orders. I’m no longer interested in profits because Fiverr doesn’t make me great money anymore.

I agree with @english_voice and his pricing strategy.

My strategy might be something like this:

No Level: $5 to $10
Level 1: $10 to $20
Level 2: $20 or more
TRS: $20 or more

This is for projects that take 5 minutes to 30 minutes to complete.

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I would strongly advise you to increase your price then. I do it almost every week, because I just can’t handle the number of requests. In consequence I get less requests, more professional customers and more money. You can always lower the price if you have the feeling that it’s too much. Also, most of your customers won’t mind if you raise your prices a little as long as you deliver great work and they are happy to work with you!

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thanks you will remember your words its valuable for me

yeah this is the right price model and i am definitely apply on my gig. thanks

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yeah i applied this strategy i a feel the my most of the customers come to me with my increase gig price
but not only i increase the price i’ll add some benefits for also like free thumbnail + 3 sec scroll stopper included on my gig.

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