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May I Please Have Gig Suggestions, Please?


I have been unemployed for a while because I have a physical ailment that is starting to progress, this will leave me disabled in the coming months and years.

I worked as a teacher, medical coder, medical billing, I am well-written, and spoken. I also write product reviews as a hobby, but I get those items for free. The only compensation you can get for review writing is a free product and I love free stuff. I wish I can post that gig here on Fiverr for free, but I can not.

I was hoping that some of you Fiverr experts can help me come up with some gig ideas. Here are some of my resume excerpts. Do you think that you can help me come up with ideas for gigs? Thank you so much!


A teacher for what years? Some teachers would love this kind of thing and happily pay extras to get ideas and research done because - well, you know how easy it is to burn out;

An early childhood to primary school educator may be able to offer: An activity with extras of full activity packs designed for early childhood teachers and children that meet EYLF or country equivalent developmental outcomes, classroom theme inspirations with curriculum based suggestions for implication, You may even be able to offer to help with early childhood planning which takes HOURS for a teacher to complete outside of work time. (I honestly wish the world understood that a teacher “getting school holidays off” means “doesn’t get paid to mark a lot of papers and do a lot of planning with no actual holidays ever”.)

A secondary school teacher may be able to offer: Curriculum based activity or assignment suggestions - then you can of course add extras to develop these ideas and write the justifications (learning outcome relevance) for them. Lists of recommended texts for certain subject areas, etc…

For secondary/high-school students: Assignment or Home work proofreading, Assignment or Home work writing - if you don’t have moral objections, people do offer this service here.

A tertiary/trade school/college/university teacher may be able to offer: Learning outcome design drafts, in whatever your specialty is. Proofreading for things like Unit Outlines, or help with them, you could offer to mark digital student assignments.

For students: Assignment or Home work proofreading, Assignment or Home work writing.

Just a few ideas. I’m not familiar with the medical stuff, but maybe you can think of things that may be useful to people doing those jobs.

I hope this gives you at least one idea!


Thank you so much! It is helping me develop many ideas! Have a great week!