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May I request a buyer to write a feedback regarding my service?

Dear all,
Some of my buyer Accept the Delivery and Completed the order but unfortunately they forget to Write a review regarding my Services. Can i simply request them like “Also I would humbly like to request your feedback regarding my Service !”.

Is it against Fiverr Terms of Service ?

I’m Waiting for your valuable reply…


Yes, it’s against for Fiverr Terms of Service.!


@nomansheikh88 I was not asking for write a Positive Rating or 5* Rating. Just Simply ask for there feedback, It was totally ups to them. Whatever they think they can write 1*, 2*, 3*, 4* or 5*. So how it’s against for Fiverr Terms of Service.?


“Leaving a Buyer’s feedback is a basic prerogative of a Buyer.”

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

If the buyer has chosen not to leave a review then it is best to respect their choice and just move on.


If you want to know if it is against the ToS, read the ToS instead of asking here.

It is. And buyers don’t appreciate it. It pressures them and can affect how they review you. Fiverr already prompts them to rate you, anyway. Accept it and move on.


I would also like to know. Is it against TOS to ask for a feedback or a positive feedback?

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They don’t forget. Fiverr reminds them to leave a feedback. Twice. If they don’t leave a review after being reminded to do it, and then reminded again, it’s because they don’t want to.


Its Fiverr policy…!

No you can’t @unikaind

As said, asking for feedback - positive feedback or a favorably edited feedback - is against the TOS. Fiverr frowns at it.

Indeed, you can be flagged by Fiverr for mentioning feedback in your chats too.

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no you can not force… its against fiverr by majors

Hello, Frank,

Apparently you missed this thread. It is for sure against TOS to say anything about a review.

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Now if you force or use terms like positive/5* etc will be a problem
Once the order is accepted you can let the buyer know that there is option to leave feedback and if he wishes then he can put
That’s it!

I think asking it for once won’t be a problem?

Yes it is. If something is against the ToS, you can find out by reading the ToS…

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You didn’t read the post that’s directly above yours, did you?

Even if you ask for it just once, you can get an account warning.


In the post above yours where I contacted CS and asked this question, they said:

Any solicitation, manipulation or just a comment on feedback may lead our relevant team to issue a warning to the user who made this statement.


Thank you very much guys for your all the help…

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If they want to leave you a Review, they will do on their own. If they don’t do it then leave it as it is, don’t force them or tell them. You may tell them that their feedback will be valuable if they can do that. I hope that’s understandable.

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I do not think you read the quote above I posted concerning what CS said.:thinking:


No You can’t do that @unikaind

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