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May I send google image as samples to get idea from buyer

Dear,Please guide me…I want to send some image from google to my buyer,Because I know that what exactly my buyer want…I want to get get some idea from my buyer through image.My questions is that if image are copyrighted then it against policy??


Change the design & color, I think there will be no problem

please read my question deeply…I am not sending work…

The reason he didn’t understand is that you referred to them as samples. Sending others’ work you find online is not a sample and that is not the way to find out the direction the client wants to take.


Thank you so much,for your kind response…

I think you perhaps looking for direction from the client and wish to send images right?

It not copyright infringement as your only forwarding images downloaded.

However you would be better sending a google link instead of the actual images to be on the safer side.

Copyright infringement would however occur if you was to actually use ir present the images as your own work.

I sometimes direct clients to the google page and then ask them to send me the images they like the look of or colors etc.

I take its for design work??


Thank you so much…Now I have more clear from your kind response…Bundle of thanks…