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May I suggest my friend's gig to my buyer?


When I become busy with other work and previous buyer ask me for new order, can I give him my friend’s gig URL who is skilled for that job? Is it violence of TOS?

Thank you


No. Its spam…


Yes, If someone contacts you and you are too busy, you can certainly say, I know a guy who is good, here’s the link to his profile. I also do that if they need 24 hour delivery and I am really busy, or if I am too expensive for them. I have a group of 2-3 other VO artists that I recommend all the time.


Yes, that’s fine. I’m sure that if they’re looking for a job then they’d appreciate that.


No, it’s not spam. If a person is looking for a job I don’t see how they’d be annoyed at you for recommending someone to them.

You aren’t randomly trying to sell them a service they don’t want. They have told they need a service, so it’s completely reasonable to tell them where they can get that service completed.


As long as you are recommending another Fiverr member’s (seller’s) gig to a Fiverr member (buyer), it is definitely not “spam” or violation of any Fiverr TOS.


Hi @rony_raaz you can do it. if your friend maintain quality. :rofl::rofl:


This could be helpful for others.


Thank you for sharing your experience.