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May I use an auto reloader in my browser?

I stay always online except for my sleeping time. But lack of reload fiverr shows me offline most of the time. It is really impossible to reload again and again when I work. In that case, May I use an auto reloader in my browser? Is it legal for fiverr or not?


This is not legal. Some people lost their account because of using bot in fiverr. Hope you got it.:heart:


Thanks for your valuable comment. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Also @sannstaying staying online 24/7 isn’t helpful
Check this out: Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked!
You really should start focusing on developing your skills or spend time with your family. Staying always online will affect your health, too.
So take care and avoid breaking rules (take your time to read Fiverr’s ToS).


Thanks to share your valuable quote.

This is what can happen if you do:


Thanks a lot for share this.

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Bad advice…


So you want her to get booted off the platform, do you?

Wow, your posts are always so darn valuable here. Full of great tips (NOT)!

Please REFRAIN from posting nonsense or even “tips” that can get a new sellers account banned. Posting on the forum drivel that is inaccurate or wrong in its basis will NOT get you orders, impressions, clicks or help your Gig to rank.



I keep seeing these questions, and I keep wondering

  1. What does a auto reloader even do? I think it means, it refreshes the browser.
  2. What could you possible gain if you are showing online on Fiverr? The app (and website, also, I assume) notifies you the moment you get a message from a buyer. Isn’t that enough?

More importantly, why are so many people so impatient? Fiverr is not (and should not) be your main source of income. I understand the need to earn money, but the hard truth is that freelancing takes a long time to take off.

If Fiverr keeps putting accounts offline after a while, perhaps, that is how they want it. Since we are bound by Fiver terms and conditions, using anything to bypass this online/offline thing would be illegal, yes.


Yes, it just refreshes the browser at a certain time interval to make the user appear as though they are LIVE and sitting there waiting to take your message, call whatever

In their mind, they think that buyers must only be searching for ONLINE sellers (using the search criteria) and if they do not appear online, they will miss out on a message or work.

Unfortunately, most who are falling for this nonsense are pretty desperate to make any sort of money. So, they will follow BAD advice and do the above thinking it is the way to success.

The truth is, some (many) here are just not cut out to be freelancers and would be better off as worker bees (drones).



I agree with everything you say.

I am not new to freelancing, but this entire freelance community forum experience is definitely new.

The amount of bad advice, shortcuts for success is simply on another level. God only knows how many genuine freelancers are wasting away on bad advice and then after a while, losing faith and giving up.

It’s just awful man. Really awful.


@sannijhum why do you want to use auto re loader? Everyone knows that no human being can be online 24/7 and it’s normal. Suppose using auto reloader you are online all time but when any client knocks you and didn’t get feedback then what will be your impression?
My humble suggestion is that use Fiverr app and set different notification sound for it. So that you can easily understand it. Hopefully this will solve your problem.


Now, everything is clear to me. I knew some wrong info😶.
Whatever, Thanks to all who had posted🙂. Here all are great soul people😍.


That’s why we should spend a bit time in forum. It helps to learn from someone else’s mistakes (experience actually). Stay in touch.

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If you use an auto refresher, you are gaming the system.

It makes me wonder what other shortcuts you are using when producing products/services for your Buyers.

@looseink Thanks for your reply.
I have just wanted to know that, it is legal or illegal to use. And, for your kind information, I never used any shortcut process for my buyer’s project. And never will do. Hope you understand. Thanks again.


Never use any auto reloader.

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Yep. You are absolutely right. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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No its not legal and your account may go to risk. and there is not even use of staying online 24/7 most of the people come to you after viewing your portfolio and reviews so do not worry if anyone will have question they may drop you a message :slight_smile:

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