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May I use Bank Asia SHADHIN Card for withdrawing fiverr revenue?

Hi everyone!

Recently Bank Asia (Bangladesh) Lunched ‘SHADHIN’ freelancer card (Powered By Master Card) for Bangladeshi Freelancers

May I use this Card for withdrawing fiverr revenue?


You can find the list of available withdrawal providers here:

The card you mention isn’t on the list, but if you want to be sure, you can ask Customer Support.


Thank You catwriter, I will ask Customer Support!

No you can’t because Fiverr provides withdraw via Payoneer. So how can you add shadin card here? Do it make sense? You can add your Shading card bank details in your payoneer account and you can withdraw the money from payoneer.

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Thanks for the clarify!

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No, you can’t use bank Asia Sadhin Card!!!

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