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May I use (paid) Mockups from other designers to show logo my design

Hello there!

I’m new here as a seller and I wonder if I may use mockups that I’ve bought legally from for example Creative Market with my logos on it as gig pictures?

Also, I don’t understand the 3D mockup option in the logo design gig. Can I use a mockup from creative market or do I have to create the mockup by myself? Because in my opinion, a UNIQUE 3D mockup is a separate service, isn’t it?

I mean, when I sell logos on other marketplaces, it is definitely allowed to use paid mockups from other designers. What is your experience?

Thank you for your time!


Hi, petramakes .
Mockups are not a problem for using different platforms. you just use mockup and change her something. It is not any problem or copyright issue. Mean thing is your logo design, what you give your clients, copyright your own custom design or copy design!

That’s a tricky one, since you’re a designer yourself. It might be a good idea to clarify somewhere in the gig description that you have purchased the mockups and that they’re not your own design, otherwise your gig might get flagged as misleading.

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Since you are selling the service (you are not selling the mock-up alone, but you are selling a service that includes the mock-up in your delivery), you need commercial rights. Those can be purchased separately and require a different license. Almost no one does that, but that’s the rule in a perfect world :slight_smile: