"may not be contacted at this time."


Hi I’m new on the site I have sent over 30 messages to random people who do the same kind of work to see who would be best and they reply but now I’m getting a lot of these “may not be contacted at this time.” is it because I sent a lot of messages or those are the working hours only?

Thank you.


Probably - your messages have been automatically marked as spam I’m afraid by the sounds of it.


Oh okay will it go away after a few hours or a few days? Just so many people doing the same job looking for the right person.


I don’t know how long it’ll take to go away I’m afraid.

Rather than randomly messaging sellers, why not just have a read of their gigs, look at their portfolios and look at their reviews? That’s how the platform was designed I think.


That sort of defines “spam,” doesn’t it? Quick way to get blocked on Fiverr.


Ahh I was so happy with all the work I seen from fiverr people I went off so easily! Will it unblock me if not it’s fine. :frowning: I did see reviews just a lot of them don’t have all the reviews if customers don’t leave a review on it no? Like back in the day? Unless that changed.


About 70% of clients leave reviews.

You could explain to CS you got a bit over-excited and ask if they’ll please reinstate your messaging abilities?


Why? Because spamming is annoying. Would you be happy if you were getting 30 messages from random strangers?

“Hi, I can write a Facebook ad for you!”

Does that look like fun? I can tell you it’s not how I get orders.


I think (but could be wrong) that OP is a buyer…?


Yeah that’s what happened. I was up all night like I can’t wait for the morning and bam! lol.

I didn’t spam fastcopywriter just copy and paste because they all do the same work and it’s the type of work that requires too be very eye catchy. Out of the 50 I seen only 38 had the job done in the past and out of that only like 30 were good for what I’m looking for. Was asking them if they did a job for my competition because that’s the person I need to do the job you know?

No facebook ad.

I’m a buyer! :slight_smile:


I get it, you’re a buyer. Well, some sellers don’t like getting messages, and some messages look like spam even if they are not.

I try to be nice to all buyers, but a lot of times I get messages unrelated to what I sell. You’d be better off finding a good seller and placing an order. Messaging sellers is a bad idea, unless they demand me.

If you don’t see “contact me before you place an order,” don’t contact them. Also, some sellers will send you a custom offer for more than their regular prices. Why take that chance?


I think 30 was a lot of the same message to send even if you are a buyer so the system blocked you.

You can send a message to customer support telling them you are a buyer seeking a seller and see if they can help.