May The Fourth! ⭐ 👽 🧙 🧞‍♀ ⭐


I am going to a May Fourth Celebration at the distillery where my boy makes adult beverages this afternoon. Is anyone else doing something fun for the 4th of May?



I wish. Still working on hitting some momentum and getting things organized in my work space. Though I might have some plans for the Revenge of the 5th. Guess it’s a do or do not type of thing.


May the force be with you :muscle:




I’ve got a date lined up with the Master Jedi, Yoda. :smile: He will whisper; wise & sweet nothings in my :ear:t4: ear. Then, we’ll watch an episode or two, yup it’s going to be a fun night. :upside_down_face:


Just don’t watch the one where he dies. That’s a sore subject with him. :wink:


Spoiler alert much?!?!


Jealous much? :laughing:

Frank is right no spoilers, please. :zipper_mouth_face: I want this be a date that I’ll always remember :two_hearts: without heartache. Mmkay? :stuck_out_tongue:


The movie came out decades ago – 1983 to be precise. I don’t think this conversation about Yoda falls under the rules of “no spoilers”. A recent movie, yes, but a 35-year-old movie that almost everyone on the planet has seen a few dozen times, not so much. :wink:


Star Wars doesn’t deserve it’s own day. Especially not with the horrible movies they’re putting out nowadays.