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Maybe booking plugin need for this project

Which plugin have to use for this project???
Please read attentively and help me
Buyer’s requirements is giving below:::

I am a motorcycle business owner.
We sell our bikes all across our country and we want to create a platform for our customers to register as “test ride providers” the reason for this is we want people who own our motorcycles to be able to offer test rides to potential customers who are thinking about buying.

We want the potential customer to pay the existing custom $50 for a 10 minute test ride of their bike.

It will need to be able to search for bikes “around me”
Upload license info, time of ride and contact info of the test rider. incase of a problem.
I want the test ride person to pay, then the platform to hold a database of how much each bike owner is owed at the end of the month. so we can manually pay them or offer them inshore credit etc

that’s it.

How can i finish this project???

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You shouldn’t be asking us for that.
You are the expert and if you are offering those services you should know what plugins are required to solve each problem.

If you are not sure then you can ask your client questions that will help you narrow the scope of work.

And if you don’t know how to solve this clients issue then you shouldn’t take on this project.


It’s not at all appropriate to collect information about people’s location and license for a Fiverr gig, plus you must charge by project here for a scope you define at the beginning, not by a metered service dependent on user activity. This is a marketplace. Would Amazon let you sell a service like this as an Amazon product? Of course not.

Also, you can’t offer “inshore credit.”

You need to read the Terms of Service. You clearly don’t know how Fiverr works.

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