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Maybe Fiverr should hire a content writer / proofreader


THOSE COMMAS ARE WRONG! WRONG! Pisses, me off, every, time I have, to look at, it!


What, do you mean? I don’t, see anything, wrong.

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I agree and it hits me in the eye too every time I see it.

Also there shouldn’t be an “s” on the word cancellations.

It would be correct to have those commas there where they are if it was saying that the buyer requested work, but work is not offered in the gig. But that is not the meaning that is being conveyed. So there should be no commas in either sentence.


Actually, I don’t think it is. It looks like they’re following AP style (Associated Press).

Here’s a sentence from a site talking about AP style: Rats were fasted for 4 h before each experiment, which was sufficient time to establish a steady state.

I worked as a reporter for several years and always used a comma before the word which. It was something my professors taught me in my Journalism classes.


@emeraldawnn In your example the comma is used correctly. But I stand by my comment that where they have the comma changes the entire meaning of the sentences from what they intended.

For example, they are saying “work” is not offered in this gig in the first sentence.

In the second sentence, they are saying “additional work” is not in the scope of the original order. Those commas are incorrect in my opinion. If they meant something else, then they WOULD be correct.

It’s a matter of style. Commas aren’t bothering me of late, but no orders are killing me!


@matureactress I hear ya! They can put commas wherever they want as long as the orders come along. :grin:

Agree to disagree… but I don’t think it changes it.

In fact, I think it would have been the way I would have written such sentences.

The buyer requested work, which is not offered in this gig. To me - this states the buyer is asking something of the seller that the seller does not offer in his/her gig description.

As for the second phrase, it states the buyer ordered something and is now trying to get something else on top of the original order.

To me, they used “,which” to offset the clauses pertaining to the gig and work.

The only thing that could make this entire thing better and get rid of the commas and word which is to use THAT instead between the two clauses.

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I agree with the OP and @misscrystal on this.
A comma should not be used in the cancellation reasons.

If the sentence was as follows:
The buyer requested work, which included trigonometry, which is not offered in this gig. This is the only AP rule regarding “which and commas” and is consistent with common writing in this.
My sentence above uses what is called a non-restrictive clause which basically means non-essential information (which included trigonometry).

Edit: If the cancellation reason was:
The buyer requested work, which is not offered in this gig, which is why I had to cancel.
The “which is not offered in this gig” would be a non-restrictive clause and so the comma would be appropriate. The second comma is part of the non-restrictive clause and not because of the “which” that follows it.

I can’t believe people tried to disagree with @misscrystal on this, she knows all about whiches.


Well, for non-english speakers its fine lol

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So work is not being offered.
The sellers offer is to send the buyer a hat for instance. But work is not being offered.

That’s what it means when the comma comes after the word work.

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Here’s how I would rewrite top cancellation reasons.

The buyer hates your guts, and is too cheap to pay for what he ordered
The buyer is being difficult, and is going to give you a bad review
The buyer threatened you with a PayPal chargeback
The buyer demanded too many revisions and you’re about to kill yourself
The buyer ordered too much and you don’t have the time.

Care to add some more? :slight_smile:


The buyer has been sending annoying messages for weeks without ordering.
The buyer has gigs that are copies of your gigs.
The buyer put in the requirement section a long detailed wall of words describing the exact intricate fantasy he expects to happen from his $5 order.
The buyer announced he is skeptical and does not believe what you do is “real”.


The buyer wants you to write something about their company, except that they tell you to "do the research."
The buyer wants you to translate their document…and format it…and convert it to a different format.
The buyer doesn’t tell you everything they expect until after they order, and you can’t explain to them that no, jus because you write articles doesn’t mean you also design logos and websites.


Awesome responses. @somaginer1996 and @misscrystal.

I just refunded a $70 order, I feel violated. 30-45 minutes of work down the toilet.


I agree with you @emeraldawnn! Restrictive and non-restrictive rule. :v::heavy_check_mark:

I get what you’re saying @misscrystal and I concur. Comma isn’t needed after work since the beginning clause is absolutely independent. (“Absolutely” used for emphasis.) :grin:

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i think thats true
Although they have a lot but sometime we feel

If you’re making 70 bucks for 30 minutes of work you can’t really complain, man xD


Jealous of sellers in categories where you can make a load of money for 10 minutes of work. In video editing everything takes hours, and there’s simply no way around that. And if you charge even 50$ an hour nobody will buy anything :confused: