Maybe I should get into logo design, lol


I made both of these for my business. I am not a graphic designer by a long shot, but I think I did at least mediocre in design.

L (1)

What do you all think? Decent looking? Maybe hire a professional next time? lol

The Question is not 'can I' but 'should I' (Branching off into logo design?)

You may need to hire a doctor :stuck_out_tongue: to fix the design ! btw it is excellent !


Looking good as you did your best in your capability! It’s good for your personal use, but definitely if you intend to increase the scope of your business in future then you should hire a freelancer! :slight_smile:


I know a professional logo designer. You know him too. :wink:

As far as your logo images, I’m not a fan of the circular badge. The pencil seems out of place. However, just the “L” and “C” (even combined together) in that font would make for a better overall logo.

I like how the written out “Lucycodex” name/font looks. That has a strong high-quality feel to it. :slight_smile:


I agree with the pencil, the more I look at it, the more it looks out of place. I think I’ll edit it in the future.

And thank you :slight_smile: I am glad it doesn’t look awful. lol


You’re welcome. I’m glad that I was able to help!


I agree with @jonbaas about the pencil.

The kerning could be adjusted - the spacing between the letters can be reduced a little bit.

Every name has its graphical qualities, depending on the letters and some symmetry.
The font is nice. You may find useful do some comparison using tools and libraries that are available online
(Typekit, for example, and the Monotype library that is on fonts dot com.)