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Maybe I'm Just Late To The Party But

I can’t find Fiverr’s Feedback Removal Policy page anymore.

Did they get tired of having persons show proof that they met the requirements, then having to deny them with vague blanket statements, and cut it all together? What gives?

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Feedback removal is now handled directly by the seller via an order’s resolution center. You can put in a feedback removal request which the buyer can accept or decline.

If declined, you cannot put in another request on that order. If an order is outside of the clearing period, you also cannot put in a removal request.

You can read more about this here:

and also here

And the corresponding instructions:

I can tell you from personal experience that a buyer who threatens to leave a bad review (against TOS) and then does is no longer subject to feedback removal, as there is no feedback policy in place, and this non-existent feedback policy is what a Fiverr CS Lead, Dan, told me was what they had to work off.

Adam–that is not the feedback policy. It’s some very generic fluff that holds no water as it does not deal with any of the common issues that can arise as a result of abuse of the feedback system (on both sides–there are simply no guidelines other than generic happy fluff in another universe). There is no one article on this whole site to deal with this issue. Indeed, the best recommendation I could get was “to offer a partial refund”, later corrected to “ask the buyer to change their feedback”.

So feedback policy: non-existent. If you want the money more, eat the review. If you need the more pristine feedback, who cares about policy? Cancel and eat some other nebulous punishment, such as crappier rankings or whatever. In any case, the removal page that’s now non-existent even on Google caching was deleted around the time the wonderful new review system came in.

So seems to me that nobody knows, really.


Thanks for the useful response.

LOL. I like that one.