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Maybe there is something wrong with my gigs

Greetings guys!!
I have created my account on august 2018 but i didn’t get any orders till now .I know there is something wrong with my gigs or with the way I’m doing it ,but i still like it here especially when i read topics on the forum , i like the way freelancers interact with each other here.
I would appreciate it if someone took a look on my gigs and tell me if there is something wrong i can fix

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You have to use each and every part of your gig effectively. Whether it is, gig description, adding more images, videos, tags or any other thing.

All the best :slight_smile:

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The “assignment” Gig that you listed under “Online Lessons” is against the Terms of Service.
You better get rid of that.

The translation Gig is… trilingual, I would suggest to have separate Gigs for French and Arabic.
The title of your Gig should include the names of the languages, yours is too generic (I will translate papers).

How many people ask for suggestions, and how many people give generic replies without even taking a look to the Gig…


pacquo thanks !! i appreciate it.your advice is useful to me

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