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Mayday! Mayday! Negative Review


I’ve got a negative review, the first in a while. Just when I was getting happy about getting more orders and doing more work, this happens. Well, there you have it. Completely unfair though. I do my best on every order, and yet something like this happens. Go take a look :cry:


What was the story behind it? Was there a negative communication with the buyer? Any revisions?

I know it is not possible for us all to do revisions, and some buyers simply cannot be pleased, but I always include this tone when I deliver my orders to please let me know if there are problems, etc so we could possibly address it before leaving a poor review!

1 poor review is not the end of the world! I am sure you will receive many more high reviews!


I have explained everything in my response to the review, don’t want to share the details here. My response is self-explanatory. Better not to talk too much about buyers on the forum.


99025, 99025, we received your distress call. This review will drown in the Sea of 5 Stars. You are not in danger. We repeat, you are not in danger. Keep calm and watch a nice match.


Well you seem to have a 5 star rating and over 2000 reviews, so I would not worry too much if it is not a regular thing and most buyers are very happy with your service!

You have handled it well, it is always good to reply to the poor feedback for other buyers to see that you are friendly and professional. I think you will be Ok!


LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (20 characters)


Thanks! :slight_smile:


I know that feeling.


I had 350 5 star reviews…then somebody left me a 4.8 star review for no apparent reason!

I was gutted!


Yep! In my alternate life I had roughly 5000 reviews, and then someone left me a 1 star. I just laughed, despite my anger, cos it meant nothing in the grand scheme of things.

@writer99025 these things happen. I believe you’ll get a 5-star rating in a few hours, and this will be pushed to the bottom of the ship.:pray:


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Oh come on. This have a 0.0000000000000000000000001 % effect in front of the ocean of 5 stars you have.


It is the nature… Don’t worry my friend!!


I love your profile description, powerful words, like it was written by a top copywriter. :slight_smile:


Like you I felt sad when I had received the first negative feedback, but I never give up… Today I have more than 10,000 positive feedbacks with more than 25,000 client based in fiverr :slight_smile:

Just work hard! You will win… :slight_smile:


Awesome story! Great stuff!! :slight_smile:


I would have gone to CS about this review for being ludicrous: he can’t very well say that your communications are good and rate you 1 star on that front. Of course, bit of a crapshoot as to whether CS will remove it…

…which is where the Imgur review comes in which screenshots. But you know, if it’s just one out of 2500 or whatever, meh. Like everyone else said, you dealt with it pretty well.


Thanks…no, I don’t like involving customer support in this. If I have a case, I explain that in the response to the feedback, so other buyers can judge for themselves.


Yes, you are right… because it is a rights of the buyer to review the order as he/she wants.
Actually I saw that negative review you have received and I can say it was a fair judgement. Or Don’t know… :stuck_out_tongue:


Great move @writer99025.

One tiny negative reviews on a sea of over 1000 has zero effect on me. The only ones I do care about are multiple 1 star: failed to deliver - computer generated ones.

You can give the universe to some and they won’t be happy.