Mayday! Mayday! Negative Review


Thanks Gina! :slight_smile:


Well, I wouldn’t get discouraged. Your ungrateful buyer admitted there was only one article with abysmal quality, and if he’s such a genius, why doesn’t he write his own articles?

Besides, you have 1226 Reviews, only 3 of them are negative. As someone has said, “those who have never failed, have never tried.” In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a failure, this buyer didn’t know you so why order 10 articles instead of one?

P.S. Data Analytics in Marketing? What is that? Customizing Google PPC? Selecting an audience on Facebook? That’s a great topic for someone who graduated with a degree in marketing.

P.S.2. Sometimes it’s OK to refund an order. I know Fiverr wants a 100% completion rate, but they’re being completely unrealistic. Still, I am making more revisions than ever just to increase my rate.


Thanks @fastcopywriter Your word means a lot to me. :slight_smile:


Answer his question! I also want to know what data anablah in marketing is. Was it Big Data? Because let me tell you, you wanna run screaming from those guys because they’re very brainy people who get super annoyed if you don’t nail their vision of spying on the whole wide world for marketing gain. It was used in the recent presidential elections to great effect, for example.

I’ve only had one buyer with that angle and he was OK. Then he wanted me to write his visionary blog and I called it quits. Some visionary.


Yeah, of course, it was related to Big Data…(I just don’t want to get into the specifics on the forum)…


You should direct him to me. It will only cost at least $300 for a fully researched article. Big Data, better bucks.

10 articles for $3k? Sure, I can do that…


You are whining because you got ONE negative review within the last 9 month? Of course any negative review should make you think what did you wrong. I read the review and the buyer explains his view. But I guess only you can judge what went wrong. As the community here can’t…maybe you rather looking for consolation… Having 2390 reviews and 5 negative in total shouldn’t worry you.


Aw, you’re always so nice. It’s my pleasure.


I admire you for standing your ground and not giving him a new article on a new topic. You did deliver what you said you would. I don’t think it sounds bad at all what he wrote. It would never make someone not order from you considering your record here. Try to ignore it.


Thanks @misscrystal :slight_smile:


hahahahhaahhah :sweat_smile: Mila
Thanks for the laugh :tulip: :sunflower:


Lay down , go to sleep , to the rhythm of the war drums. - I beg to differ! Anyway , I feel your pain.


I just started reading through some of your reviews and I haven’t seen so many people heaping praise on a seller. I wish I could read some of your articles now after seeing those. I liked your answer:
“I’m not used to getting bad reviews.” Perfect.


LOL, I am going to write a Kindle book someday and give you a free copy :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to read it! I’m actually trying to think of an excuse to hire you now after reading those.


LOL, look forward to it :slight_smile:


I’ve read a lot of nice comments here, but I think this is one of the best.
I don’t know, it has this certain charm to it!! :smiley:


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Can you imagine what would happen if the reviews left for buyers was visible? Buyer leaves the seller a 2 star stating you work was poor, then the seller leaves the buyer a 1 star rating and state, well if you had the mind to do the work you were asking me to do then you could have done it yourself. Most buyers simply hide behind the fact that their reviews can’t be seen.


totally unfair. :frowning: every seller should be aware of those .