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MAYDAY need help!


How do we know if the offers we got from strangers (in Fiverr of course) is an honest offer and not a scam? I just got an offer to translate a page, 5000 words a day for 4k dollars per month…(does that sounds ridiculous or normal?)

That person said that I need to do a test first…and is gonna send me a file. Idk what type, im just afraid it could be somekind of virus or malwares :sob:


You never know if any offer is genuine until it’s been placed. :slight_smile:

Treat every customer with respect, but also caution. Unfortunately, some buyers out there do attempt to exploit sellers, especially new ones.

My worry about this buyer is they might be dangling lots of money in front of you in order to get you to do free/cheap work for them. If they do start talking about such a thing, alarm bells should start ringing!


Please also check the extension of the file that they’re going to send. I don’t think a normal word translation document should have a .exe extension, right? I’d look out for stuff like that.

Even if the extension checks out, I would never open the file before running it through a decent antivirus software.


Yea like they could bait us with money then give mountains of tasks but with very little reward… Im not gonna be the one eating the baits and I hope I wont forever :smiley:


Havent got any files from them…quite probably a scam then. Or maybe they are just honest people looking for resources…who knows? Lol. Thanks for the tips, I sometimes forget to check the file format that I download…

Let see if they will continue the conversation later on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Chances are if they are honest and have the budget to spend 4K/month, they’d order a paid test translation. In which case, you don’t lose anything (of course, that is, only after carefully checking the file, like Hans suggests, else, you might lose time to de-virus your pc and change all your passwords and so on ;))
You could offer them to do the test page for $5 or $10 or whatever you’d take for a page usually and see how they’ll react.

Of course, if they expect you to do the test for free, and it’s “just” a page, it’s up to you if you want to invest that time with perhaps no result, but with a budget like that, I honestly can’t see why they’d not offer to pay for the test translation, so, yeah …

And as ahmwritingco said, you never know. Even beyond an offer being placed, as many forum posts show.

In case the test translation and all happens and goes well and it gets to an order, you might want to consider discussing terms that are better for you, like not working a whole month for 4K but to split the month’s work up.

Remember that if your delivery time for the order is 30 days, you’ll work for 30 days (+ 3 days until autocompletion if they don’t complete the order) + 14 days clearance period before you’ll have the money. And there is always the possibility that they might try to cancel the gig then, once they received your delivery, so it would be much better to find that out after a week than a month.

5000 words per day, by the way, is a pretty crazy workload for manual/good quality translation. Personally, I couldn’t accept that as I can only work so and so many hours a day, and I have the feeling that people who know what they are doing, should know that that’s an insane daily amount to expect too. Actually, as that would be a (more than!) full-time job for just 1 single client, it would not be regarded as a freelancing job but as concealed employment at least where I am and might lead to trouble.

I also think with a workload that high, they’d not be looking for 1 single person but for several freelancers to distribute it to, so they’d not have to wait a whole 30 days to get their files, and also would not fall back a whole week or maybe two if their 1 freelancer is sick or on vacation, …

Are you prepared to only work for a single person 7/7 every month (who might turn out to not be legit), maybe even lose regular customers because you can’t find time for their orders? A lot of things to consider there, if they turn out to be frauds, after all, only after you worked a whole month for them, you’d have lost a lot of money/time.

Well, as you already guessed, it does not sound quite normal to me. :wink: But, yeah, you never know.
I’ll be following the thread to see if they’ll pay for the test translation and if you end up accepting to work for them, and on what terms, and how it will turn out. :four_leaf_clover:


Funny you, OK now, let’s see.
That amount is huge and you have to be really cautious.


You are great.
Nice ideas


Yea i know, translating 5k words a day is absurd really…and im pretty sure my max amount per day would only be half that amount…at best. And yeah…considering that i have another gig that im focusing currently i dont think i want to make any mistakes. Well nobody wants to ofc. But IF they do want to do business, then I’ll try to negotiate accordingly.

But they havent send me anything, so idk. Lets just wait and see :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



This is a copied and spun version of @ahmwritingco 's post above.

Please post your own comments. :slightly_smiling_face:


Did you get this through BR or inbox? Anyway, I would see this proposal as hen looking salt… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Adding to what @miiila said and asumming this is a legal proposal, the catch would be you’ll only get paid according to the amount of words you translated that month and based upon $0.027/word as the maximum of monthly words would be 150k.

The problem wouldn’t be what they’re willing to pay (I see you only have 2 reviews) but the fact that you should be to their complete disposal in which case, if you had, let’s say 4 orders to deliver next day and they require you to translate for them, you’ll have to set all 4 orders apart and work entirely for them, getting into big trouble as you’ll have to request time delivery extension, run into late delivery or start thinking in cancel mode for those 4 orders that you are impossible to deliver next day.

To translate 5k words will take you a great deal of hours, and I mean it. Basically and depending on how good you’re at translating and typing, when you are working on a 5k words text to be delivered in 1 day, you only do that. You can’t compromise yourself in anything else to be delivered the same day or next day, it’s just impossible.

Of course, all these assuming you deliver manual quality translations and not sofware-based ones including google translate.


If they are genuine, they can easily hire a staff for 5k rather than coming here. No offense, but do you really think many people come here to pay 5k?


They may have tried and couldn’t find someone willing to work themselves to death for 4K :wink:

There may be not too many people who come here to spend 4K/month but there are people who do regularly spend substantial amounts on Fiverr, translation agencies, for example, may well have that workload and want to save on in-house staff.
Depending on where they are, regular staff with a 4K salary may cost them far more than an additional 1K for social security, office space, etc., and if they pay such a low rate per word, they may very well make good money if they have customers they resell to for a better rate.

But, apart from the humanly impossible workload, it doesn’t sound very probable, all in all, agreed. mrhamb seems aware of that too, hence the post.


He/she inboxed me. Without any informations on his profile…I knew it sounded way too fishy to offer a job all of a sudden, but then again I also realise that it’s a task that I could never deliver since the amount he proposed was mind blowingly high. All I did is I left a short reply for the sake of keeping my response rate low…


None taken. Understandable :smiley:


Just a detail to correct…

Response Rate: high

Response Rate is what affects your statistics so, always keep it high.

The Response Time is different, doesn’t affect statistics and is measured in hours.


Yeah whoops…I messed it up, but you get the point :laughing:


Well well well… whaddaya know! :upside_down_face:
Guess everything has been settled then lol. Which is nice~