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Me and my brother login our two different accounts of fiver on two different browsers


but our paypal account same … is it gonna make trouble for us?


Yes. Only one account per Pay-Pal.

Even if it’s your brother he should have a different account. Sharing Pay-Pal accounts is against the Pay-Pal terms of Service.

You will have trouble once you try to withdraw money. Fiverr will close the accounts. Better open another one.

And… If your or your brother try to buy eachothers gigs and rate them Fiverr may close your accounts as well since it’s from the same IP address.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: no we will never buy each other gigs actually we have payoneer account and if it now allowed why they accept resources of funding by two different account ?



Because they expect you to read their TOS since you agreed to it when joining Fiverr.

They don’t check each account until it’s withdraw time.

You know you’re not allowed to share Pay-Pal accounts. Everyone on the internet knows that. And since it breaks their TOS it also breaks Fiverr’s TOS.

Plus, Fiverr can’t allow multiple people to keep opening accounts with their Pay-Pal because then they could buy their own gigs and rate them by just creating multiple accounts. So… One Pay-Pal address… On account.

You’re profile says you have 5+ years experience with HTML and CSS and whatnot.

Surely in all those years online, as your full time job you knew the rules about Pay-Pal.

Good luck.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: so how i can cancel account now? and pply for other one please help


I honestly have no idea. You may just have to contact support anyway. I’ve only ever had one account so I really don’t know how it’s done.


Hi mariamdesigns

unfortunately, bigbadbilly is right. Every member of a family should use their own paypal and their own computer too - although I am not sure about this one, but I think that every Fiverr user is connected to Fiverr by their unique I.P. too.

By the way, if you decide to keep your own account active (instead of your brother’s), I suggest that you delete the one gig that gave you less than 5 stars as you have only had one buyer on this one. You can always create a new fresh one for the same offer. And check your spelling in the extras of one of your gigs by the way :slight_smile:

all the best,



Hi there! I really don’t know much about this but isn’t it easier if you create another pay pal account?


Reply to @ellydru1: its take more then two month in delivery process so that is why we decided to use same account because i have card and he is new on fiverr


Reply to @happyspace: wow that is very nice advice many thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @mariamdesigns:

aww I see! I didn’t know it takes that long, I’m sorry!


Reply to @lenora_love: yes that is what we want to do but peoples saying two different fiverr account can not use same Paypal


Reply to @ellydru1: its ok :slight_smile:


@mariamdesigns you and your brother can network together on the same account and if his gig happens to get ordered just simply pay him! :slight_smile:


fiver should block accounts only in case when they try to give fake rattings to each otherwise it should be ok to use joint account


I Apologys, you are misunderstanding me or us! :slight_smile: … You can both network together.but from only one account but your allowed. up to (15 gigs) … For ex. You have an Drawing Artwork Gig and Your Brother have a Pet Model Video Gig! … If there is an order for your brother’s gig … Then pay him from the only same account and only the same paypal account! … This is the clearest i c


Reply to @lenora_love: ok i did knew about it but now how i can delete his account from my paypal :frowning: that is the main issu for now


Just login to your paypal and make a change and remove his info and update your paypal account.


Reply to @lenora_love: there is no such option in funding resources :frowning:


Well, my main suggestion is that there be no longer any activity from his fiverr and the paypal in his name make sure his fiverr account is on suspend and do all activity from only your fiverr and paypal account in your name! … You, shouldn’t have no immediate worries or concerns until you can get everything figured out and resolved! :slight_smile: … I hope i am giving you good advice! :slight_smile: