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Me...Gonna be Alone

Yeah,I know that but she gonna move to Ireland just as Anjy moved to Germany :fearful:[quote=“nikavoice, post:15, topic:119570”]
One day you’ll get married, too. Babies :baby:& everything! :grinning:

I really want a dozen of babies but I really really don’t wanna get pregnancy.
Anjy is pregnant and she is facing a hard time, eh :confused:

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A certain top rated seller told me to . . . but I made her take it out! All I have to say to this seller is this: “I will never doubt or question you again! I bow to the master!”

Oh, my, my, my the door is wide open! :grinning:




Very many hugs to you! You will have a family soon too <3 xoxo hug and best wishes. I would be sad too :frowning: I am soorry

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LOL…But that’s absolutely true.I love babies (New born).
I’m excited that I’m gonna be a Mossi (aunt) of Anjy’s baby. I wish for her to have twin babies.:blush:


Who is Marry? One of your crew members?

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Yes,Sam who mostly gives ideas about designing.[quote=“katabelle, post:24, topic:119570”]
Very many hugs to you!


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Ireland to Germany = :airplane:
A dozen eggs babies = sextuplets x2

Weeeeeeee :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Here you go, you can buy a dozen!

(Ashton-Drake Galleries - but I only like their monkeys. The babies scare me.)


I ll upload her wedd picz today.

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We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone. - Orson Welles

Marriage is a choice, not a requirement. Today, many of those who are married say that they are, in fact, happy with their marriages. Therefore, you should be happy for your friend. I bet you too will get married one day.


I already have like 3 cats and I’m only 21 (gonna be 22 in April)…a synth would be perfect for “reasons” but I don’t think the institute is gonna lend one to me.

Happy Birth day in advance.

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I’m gonna share Sam’s Nikah photos.

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How did you manage to have 3 different shades of hair color in the pictures?

I didn’t do it in PS.:innocent:
@djgodknows you didn’t comment on hows she looking :rage:

How who’s looking?

I know you are the one in the blue, not sure about others.

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One, in the blue is bride (My friend Sam) :rage: Not me.

So you are telling me your 5r profile picture is of Sam??

@djgodknows [quote=“anjylina, post:1, topic:119570”]
My bestii friend+group member Sam (Whose pic is on my profile),gonna marry :cry: