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Me nid salez - get salez

Just stop okay, just stop starting threads like this. It’s a public forum, you can do it (I guess). But seriously, why don’t you search through the forum for old topics and find more info about your issues. How hard can it be?

Maybe you can do a topic for: “I have tried “this particular method”, but it didn’t work, did any of you tried that method, and are willing to share their results.”

EDIT: It’s just a goodnight thought.


A while ago, I made this post hoping that it well help:

Right after I posted this I got messages saying stuff like “Hi I read your post help me”

I guess some people just don’t read. Or think.

When you get up in the morning, get yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee.
You’ll feel better! I think!!

  1. they think they are the first one to ever ask that question

  2. they don’t read, reading is hard work

  3. the fact that they need to come to the forum to ask that in the first place probably means that whatever it is that makes one get sales, they will never have that

  4. they are actually saying someone do it for me because I know I never will be able to


As someone said in a previous thread yesterday, it’s because of laziness :smirk: and because people expect a quick instant method to mek sells. If we don’t give them a quick instant method, then they think we keep it to ourselves and so they will keep on asking until someone spills the beans :smiley:

I asked that question to one of the culprits once, and they said “because it’s old, I need new tips for 2017!”


Btw, @gig_freak , what do you think is worse: being called “Dear”, or talking to someone whose username contains “Dear” in it, practically seeing “Dear” every time they talk to you? :scream:


Haven’t thought about it. Maybe if their username is “DearSirMekSales” it would annoy me. But the ultimate thing would be someone calling me “dear” and having that particular word in their username. Does it make a sense? (I am not a good philosopher in English as you are)


I had a buyer contact me the other night with his “proposal” where by I’d have to compete against other sellers and due to my interest I’d have to provide some of the work “free of charge”. He started it off with “Hi Dear”. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!

And what interest? He cold messaged me and when I basically shut him down and said I wasn’t interested in working with him he got all snotty. LOL!


First nope.

Second nope!!!