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Me two tips for return customers

Bring quality and communication!

If you give your customers high quality content, they’ll likely want to come back and order more often.

Communication is pretty big here. Getting to know exactly what they want is huge, especially with my voice overs. So talking to them first is super helpful and you get that connection with them too. Get to know them


That could also get you banned for spamming previous clients. Communication with a buyer ends when you deliver your order, unless they message you first.


And that’s why I strongly prevented myself from greeting my buyers for the season… :cry:

Maybe they will think I’m badly educated, maybe not and just don’t mind, but I didn’t want to play with fire :weary:


Helpful tips… Thank you.

Nice post. Thank you

Nice tips about building a rapport with clients. Also I had no idea that a seller could be banned if they contacted any previous client, even if it was only to say a courteous hello. Very useful to know. Thanks for all these tips.

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Yes,its bery helpful to us

Thanks for this. Such a helpful tip. Never realized that the subtle act of contacting previous buyers could get a seller in a mess.

Thank you for letting us know , writing a message is somthing we do sometimes to inform if we are lowering prices or creating special offers , never realized that just being kind can get us in trouble

nice post.thank you for sharing this.

Great to know. Quality and good communication. Noted. That’s my aim for my customers.

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:laughing: Better safe than sorry eh?


I think the same communication is of great importance to achieve good sales. but not all communicate before making a purchase

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Yes, Communication is the Key here!!

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Dang, fiverr is way harder than I thought. I do professional video editing and my gig views have been stuck at 12 for the past week or so. Buyer requests are empty for me too. If anyone is interested in my gig, you can find out more here! I’m just tryna hit the ground running.