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Mean buyer left terrible review and CS won't help

I received an order from a buyer asking me to edit his screenplay. Link: After finalising the quote and he agreed and reviewing it, I realised that I could truly edit a few days earlier. I came up with an offer to give to him that also included feedback. He agreed. We went back and forth for a few days on the edits he requested, and eventually he started to become rude and unruly. Through this I kept in mind that he was from Bulgaria and his wording might be off sometimes. As normal, I was extremely nice and courteous. He constantly demanded that I make changes that I had already made as well he wanted feedback that I had already given. After I had told him that I had given him all I had, he proceeded to cancel the order. I sent him all of the feedback and suggestions that he wanted in one delivery modification. He then gave me a one-star review and a description of the customer service he had received that it was an “unacceptable experience”. In this case I worked diligently with him through many hours of the night to make sure that he was satisfied with his order. I do not deserve this terrible rating that he gave to me. If anything, he was incredibly rude and demanding and overworked me. I was told by customer service that I could know know what would happen to him the privacy policy; which is fine. However, I currently have a 20% positive rating which prevents me from making offers.

I explained this and I was told to get an order to help my rating. Despite having an excellent gig, I do not usually get orders. I feel devastated because I’ve seen on the forums to contact CS, but they didn’t help me when I was wronged. Please help me!!!

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you can still work with buyer and you can send a feedback modification request through resolution center.
talk with buyer and come to a agreement. you can do more modifications and make him happy. and then you can request to change the feedback he left.

sharing a post from another person in forum

I worked with the buyer lots on his order, but after I greatly worked more on his order, I delivered it and he finally accepted the delivery. He left proceeded to leave this horrible review. I’m going to try the resolution centre now.
Update: I got an email back saying that they can’t and won’t help me.

Yeah, I was super nice and courteous to the buyer. Unfortunately, I could not say for the same for him :confused:

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Unfortunately this can happen. It happens in the offline world in business, so it is a natural thing. Work hard on your other orders and get your feedback rating back up there again. Don’t let one buyer spoil your business.

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I recommend that you remove the fact you cater to students from your gig. It is against the TOS to help with homework.

I just did. Thanks!!

@amethystbelange you can put a feedback explaining what happened. so buyers can see it

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when they leave a bad review, you can also leave a reply to that review. Keep in mind that reviews are intended to be read by potential buyers, so don’t use it as a place to vent or use language that would jeopardize your reputation. Say something that shows you were willing to cooperate, that way potential buyers will see that you did your best and it was simply the buyer who was uncooperative. For example, buyers leaves bad review like “Worst seller!! Did not follow my instructions. Wasted my time!” Then you can leave a review under that, like “Please, kindly read my last message. I will gladly modify your order within reason. It is my policy to give all polite and courteous buyers the best professional service from me.”

Sounds strange that one bad review dropped your score from 90 to 20%. Maybe you only have less than 10 reviews? Well, this should not mean that you can’t accept new orders. Just forget this negative buyer and focus on the next future orders. Business is a numbers game. Just keep processing more orders and your average will show more accurately. Wish you great success!


I agree with that for sure. I was a buyer before I was a seller on this site. I would always skip through all the positive reviews and look to see how the seller responded to negative reviews. When they were argumentative or venting about the buyer, I always chose not to work with them. I want to work with a seller who can be calm and professional even when the buyer is being rude. Plus, if the seller is being rude in return, it always makes me think that there is probably some validity to the negative review.

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