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Meaning of Fiverr's Choice Order

This is probably a super ignorant question here… but what exactly is the meaning and purpose of an order that comes in that states it is a “Fiverr’s Choice Order”? Is this something the buyer initiates, or is it something on the Fiverr side of things… and what is the meaning of it? Thanks!


I got two of those last week. And when I went to look at my gig, sure enough, it had a Fiverr’s Choice badge.

So, I think it means that gigs that Fiverr in all of their wisdom have deemed worthy are possibly promoted and given the “Fiverr Choice” badge. And they want us to know that the order we received was because of our badge and placement. Maybe? :thinking: I could not find it on the main site. But my friend @lloydsolutions is super good at finding articles explaining such things. I think she is sleeping now, but maybe she will enlighten us when she returns to the Forum in the morning.


Fiverr’s Choice recommends services that people loved for superb work and delivery. Your gig is showcased by Fiverr to buyers with a badge on your gig.


OMG, you’re kidding…


There is no article that I know of which explains this, but your explanation and the post by @rahulgraphics seem to explain it perfectly.


Congratulations ! Still crossing fingers here :crossed_fingers:

Adding more information to it…