Meaning of 'Focus word' in Article writing GIG?


Can somebody kindly explain the meaning of ‘Focus words’ in an article writing GIG where some sellers offer up to 3 ‘Focus words’ and charge extra for more. What I want to know is what is the use of these ‘Focus words’. Thanks :slight_smile:


I would assume they are keywords to help people find the article. Writers can use words that you specify, words that they know are related or words chosen by a keyword analysis software. It take extra time, so it often costs more.

If your article is on grain free cat food and you also sell as space for cat supplies or sell them yourself, you might want to focus your content by mention words or phrases like pet, cat, food, grain free, supplies, and maybe even words to narrow further like cheap, discount, quality, real meat, etc.


I think they should use the term “keywords”. This is the word which means the words people search for when searching on google. In search engine optimization, these words should be more frequently used so that google knows where to index the website that contains the written content.