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Meaning of impressions

Hey; I have a question. When I get for example 100 impressions on one of my gigs does that mean that my gig showed 100 times on search results ?

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another question plz :laughing: if i don’t set a number of orders I can receive does that
mean I have to accomplish them at once or there is something like queue ?

Number of order is just limiting so you do not get more orders than you can deliver in specific time (for example if you can only deliver 4 orders in 3 days, you set that after 4 orders no one can place more orders.

But only high end sellers get to this level of “being busy” usually the best thing is not limiting if you get more orders but to increase pricing.

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Yes, this is right. impression mean just view your gig and If anyone clicks on your gig that time you get the click.

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