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Meaningless buyers rating system?


Every seller have encountered this annoying buyer that keep asking for repeated modification, and that they don’t like what you deliver, which basically risk your rating if he decided to post a negative review.

Now don’t you think that most of us give buyers positive rating just because they did, and the thought of posting a negative review to an annoying buyer is a risk. Seriously what’s the point of buyers review if you can’t use it for its intended use, after all if the buyer submitted a negative review and received one in return it’s really not a big deal bcuz sellers don’t get to accept or refuse orders from buyers neither will a seller risk his rating to provide an honest negative review about a buyer.

I think since fiverr give us the ability to review and rate for the next 3 days of order completion then sellers should get 4 days, this way we can honestly rate a bad buyer without risking our rating.

Please share your thoughts! :slight_smile:


One thing I might change is get rid of the the 1-5 system and replace it with a thumbs up thumbs down like youtube did years back. Typically when people rate something they want to exercise the greatest possible effect of that rating which would mean a one star or a five star


Completely agree, rating system should work the same both ways :slight_smile:


I totally agree! I would never rate a buyer less than 5 stars unless they did the same to me. Doing so would risk them logging back in to change their rating on my gig. So the buyers rating system seems very biased towards the buyer.


But isn’t rating the buyer giving ratings affecting them if they become a seller?

Think about it. Some sellers start by buying. If they want to become a seller their negative ratings should affect them from the start.