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Meaningless messages coming in today?

Is anyone else experiencing messages that seem designed simply to waste time? These are not serious buyers or even showing usual interest. They are pointless. I’m thinking it’s simply forum visitors with time on their hands who want to make contact with a successful seller hoping some rubs off on them somehow.


Another day of the most time wasting messages. It’s got to be from here, this forum.

Someone from a time zone 8 hours away but showing in the U.S. is messaging me. He or she has a very male ID name. But is using a female name in the messages. And then when describing the loved one keeps getting the gender of the person confused, first its “she” this and that, then it’s “he”.

If you are reading this please stop wasting my time.


Maybe they have multiple partners that are different genders. They might also be disguising their gender from their romantic interest.

I watched a documentary about email and phone scammers in a certain country once. There, it is customary for men and women to visit a local witch who casts spells so that the men or women the scammers are scamming online really do fall head over heels in love with the perpetrators.

I also know that not all the women from former soviet countries who email me looking for a kitchen to clean are really that female or that domesticated.

The Internet is a strange place when it comes to romance.


yes! Had one buyer keep asking me for samples. I uploaded PDF files, sent him links to where my work is live, and even to my portfolio. And screenshots or things. He said, he could not open any of the links or documents and kept trying to communicate outside of Fiverr, which I kept telling him no and why. Eventually I blocked him. What a huge waste of my time. I wonder if it was someone just playing games, genuinely not that bright, or a spy for Fiverr trying to get me to break rules.

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“I’m thinking it’s simply forum visitors with time on their hands who want to make contact with a successful seller hoping some rubs off on them somehow.”

Sounds about right. I think that’s why so many spammy/non-selling Fiverr sellers follow me on Twitter. Makes no sense. Ha.


it’s like this:

Someone with an ID of let’s say (male user name ID) who supposedly lives in the U.S. but is 8 hours ahead of my time zone, messages me and says:

Hi my names Ellen. I want Phillip to fall in love with me.

So then the next day I get:
Can you make her love me? I miss her so much.
She is my world.

Later that day:
He said he still loves me but needs time away to think.

Later: I still love her. I miss her so much.

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  1. Accept the fact there are a spammers on fiverr.
  2. Report them as spam.
  3. Don’t care and continue your working.
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I’d reply with something like:

I used the runes to see whether there is a future to this relationship. Sadly, I see only lots of deceit and the flashing lights of law enforcement vehicles. In this case, you may want to find another love interest.


Now he has made a second account with the same user name. Just a different number afterwards. Picking up the messages as if it’s same account. Same time only from UK now.

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Yes, and my response time went down to 88%, even though I replied to them all. One was super stupid, like is time travel real? And what’s the point of trying to affect fellow competitors? I get few orders anymore, so why would someone want to compete with that?


I get asked that a lot. And asked if I can send someone back in time. I’m sure it’s someone who sees us on the forum.


I’d love an order like that! Or was this person just asking you what you thought?

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I can do that. It’s pretty easy actually. You just need to know what flowers to pick and how much tea from their petals won’t kill you. Probably not a recipe you should sell on Fiverr, though. :thinking:

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I feel like a rattlesnake getting poked right now. :snake: You probably don’t have those in Malta but they don’t enjoy being teased.

Imagine the sheer exhilaration, if you live somewhere that women are not accessible to have chats with, you must feel to say any stupid thing you want to them and they have no choice but to answer.

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We have a tone of snakes in Malta. None of them are poisonous, though. It’s the people you have to be careful of poking. I’ve got at least 2 people who have a credible want to kill me. One of them has been very vocal about it for almost a year.

But it’s the Internet! How does anyone know you are really a woman? Just send a pic of a hairy belly to scare the pervs away.


First, I asked them if they’d like to place an order, as I could definitely debate that topic in a short story. But they said, no, they were just curious as to whether time travel is real or not.


That’s annoying. I also know how it feels. I have a Flippa description writing gig. It’s never sold anything in 5-months since going live. However, I get lots of messages asking if I think x or x domain will sell. Even when I say a domain has a good chance, I never get an order.

I was going to delete it. However, another gig I’ve been trialing for the same time with no orders just started selling. In this case, I’ll give it another month.


I’m sure it would probably drive them wild with desire.


Same guy that repeatedly asks me that, or if I have a spell for that.
Too bad I don’t actually. I’d use it free on him.

I think I actually started in on an explanation from the perspective of physics of why it is, at least theoretically possible according to physicists, and they don’t yet know what is stopping it, and that was the last I heard of him.