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Means For Suspension

Once I became a Level 1 Seller I suspect my competitors on this platform used insidious means to stifle my services. I offered (and what is still highly visible on the platform) album reviews. Where I would review and artists album, and than place it on my website. I have no buyers complaints, 5 stars reviews for all expect 1, and with no forewarning, literally the day after I my status got bumped up to a Level 1 seller. Fiverr cancelled my gigs and suspend my account. I can no longer offer gigs, and I wrote them directly several times spanning a few months, but as of now no one as gotten back to me. I feel slighted and have disconcerting feeling about all of this. Has any one else experienced anything remotely similar, and if so what did you do to resolve the situation?


I think the word REVIEW may have set off a red flag with Fiverr.


Maybe, but funny thing is I changed it. To “Write up and post on my website” and still same result. They’re plenty of Top Sellers with the word “review”. I’m confused, and disappointed.