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Medical billing

Hello my fiverr frends,

Hope you are doing well, can some please update me about Medical Billing, I mean is there any scope for medical billers in fiverr or not.

Thank you.

You can try anything, though I have not seen anyone successfully doing medical billing through Fiverr. I think it is one of those things that must be done so securely that people tend to outsource to agencies or to local freelancers that they can meet. Where I live most people want a background check and ID verification for that kind of work. If you want to try it on Fiverr, create a gig and see what happens. If you don’t get any messages and you don’t see any buyer requests for it over a period of time, then it may not be viable.

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Thank you so much sir for such sort of valuable suggestions

Hey there! Have already got a medical billing job thru Fiverr?