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Meeting with Clients over Zoom

Hi good peoples!
I had to do an zoom meeting with on of my clients yesterday. The reason i had to do it on zoom because i needed to give instructions on the clients pc and its really hard or impossible to instruct just with the chats or screenshot. FYI the order was running. I know sellers can’t communicate with clients outside Fiverr.

So i need to will Fiverr take actions against me?


I’m not sure. But they can take action against you. Be careful.

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Your account will get warning and maybe ban.

Fiverr buyers have Zoom option, they can select it by using business account.

Using Zoom as seller with buyer that doesn’t have business account is against Fiverr TOS.

You can use TeamViewer but only if you do that in order page communication.


Its frustrating !
So what should i do now? The order has been marked as completed .
Should i submit a request to customer support and tell them about it ? What do you suggest?

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Nothing you can do now. Just don’t do it again.


Okay. Thank you! But i am really scared now. I just gave instructions and nothing else. And the buyer sent me the link.

If it was in order page, not inbox then it is going to be ok.

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Its in the Chat box !! :no_mouth:


Then you could have problems.

If you contact CS you will for sure get warning so maybe it is best to let it go unless you get warning.

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The client was new. Its his first time order on fiverr and he was like oing the conversations in the chat box.
Okay I wont contact CS from my end unless they give me warning.
Even if i get warning, will my profile be banned? :unamused: Would there be options to defend myself ?

No, not really. You failed to read TOS. When he suggested zoom you should reply that is not allowed on Fiverr outside order.


Thanks for your advise Dear.

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Just a little advice based on a recent experience I think never ever let anyone to connect you with teamviewer because scammers and frauds are around and CS basically says we can’t help you if you carry conversation out of fiverr so never use TeamViewer with someone unless they are your brother or extremely trustable people lol

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You do not use your main computer to connect with Teamviewer, either virtual machine or backup dumpable laptop.

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