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🤦🏽‍♀️ Mek-Sells peeps please for the love of Godiva... 🍫


STOP contacting Forum users asking for Help on the main website.

I don’t know if other users are experiencing the same.

What I do know is that it’s annoying!

  • It could also affect our (RR) response rate. :alarm_clock:

  • Another thing, asking to get to know me better on a ‘personal level’ is creepy. :hushed:

  • Getting messages alerts to only find “Hi” or fluff wording. :roll_eyes:

  • This trend is getting out of hand. :tired_face:

Please do not message other Sellers on the main website asking for help. If you have any questions ask them here on the Forum, if a particular user is not available. Be patient and wait for other users to help – no guarantees people will answer your query straight away.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. :pineapple:

Now, I’m off to sink my teeth into some yummy Godiva :chocolate_bar: chocolate. :yum:


I have been as well. I find it equally annoying. New sellers who don’t know how to use Fiverr, and who don’t want to do their own work to build their business – or even worse, who contact me, and beg me to give them some of MY ORDERS, get no sympathy from me. I am a no-nonsense kind of guy, and those messages are complete nonsense. I usually direct those sellers back to the forum to ask for help here, and then I either ignor them in messages, or mark their repeated demands for personalized help, assistance, and free work as spam.


Lately alot of people have been seeing my “describe your boyfriend/girlfriend” gig and immediately think that I am looking for a boyfriend. It gets pretty annoying.


Hey, Baasman!

I feel your pain, Jon. The begging for help is what really churns my butter.

“Please, Miss, please HELP me” :triumph:

The first couple times it happens to me, I was like OK, they are new I’ll give them some slack.
Then, I’ve been getting these message on constantly.


Those chocolates though! I’m craving them as much as Fiverr creeps are craving a date with @psychicbunny.


Hey, Miss Bunny!

You are very pretty! I totally agree with you, it’s very annoying indeed. I’ve had a stream of messages from users wanting to take things further. Some, lurk and read everything that I type on here and then. Say, “oh I’ve read what you wrote about XYZ.” :smirk:


The thing is they don’t care about you, they care only about themselves. “Kind sir…” followed by some pathetic call for help or favor somehow became a part of everyday routine here. I just reply with “k” or something like that, just so the response rate doesn’t suffer, but I might start reporting them as spam.


I usually redirect them to the Forum/Help Center.

If I’m in a bad mood. They’ll get a grumpy face or something. :japanese_ogre:


Are they offering billions of dollars like some prince who contacted me the other day? :rofl:


@armejndi Ahem I’d remove the word before the prince.


I’ve had offers to buy :airplane: tickets to visit their countries, shopping sprees :shopping:, and some other things.

Remember if it sounds too good to be true. In your case, it was a billion dollars in monopoly money.

You could buy several The Boardwalk and Park place. :wink:


And they don’t seem to get that they’re violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service by doing it, plus they’re being creepy.

As for messaging sellers on the main platform to ask for help, it’s not only annoying, it’s a ToS violation, as well. Don’t feel guilty if you report those messages as spam; once their messaging gets blocked and they get a warning from Fiverr, they will hopefully learn that they shouldn’t do that. Or they’ll keep pestering other users as soon as they get a chance, and get themselves banned.


Lol, done. He came from there, or that’s what he told me. Did you know that one scammer sold a non-existing airport for millions of dollars? And then got to keep like 90% of the money after being found guilty? Too “smooth” to be true.

Anyway, on topic, I just report them or leave a dummy message to avoid a fall on the response rate. It’s getting annoying, especially with the sales drop and that notification sound.

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Recently, I had a user contact me on another channel. The thing is I never communicated with them before on the forum. So, it was shocking that this person was happy they found me and wanted to chat about my life and goals. As you know my forum appearances has been scarce lately. So, whenever I’m spotted people go bananas. This person admitted to lurking and enjoy reading what I write. :grimacing:

Yeah. The begging and offering trips~n~stuff was too much.

Awesome sauce! Just looking out for you, coz I think you’re cool. :sunglasses:

When I login and see the messages, I immediately check to see if it’s a regular client. Nah it’s a Forum user asking me to hold their hand and mentor them. I just don’t have the :watch: time to do all that!


Sorry for the off-topic post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I had to chime in…

All the posts :arrow_up: in this thread (so far) have been a wonderful read. Guess, today will finally be the day I give out 50 :heart: in one single day. :smiley:


It’s all gravy!


You’re silly, AJ! But, hey that’s what I like about you. :crazy_face:

OT or Off-topic is fine with me, got some free time to use before I skedaddle.

Any inbox issues? coz I always see you helping out


Thankfully, almost negligible so far (from what I can remember, I think only 2 sellers had contacted me :smiley: ) probably cuz I am not an “established” seller yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Touch wood! :pineapple:


You’re a daredevil, no? Walk on glass or coal? :grin:

@JoshCates @MarioKluser How are you guys doing? I miss you! :blush:

Sending breezy Island Gal vibes your way. :palm_tree:


I have had only one person from the Forum contact me on the main site to try to get to know me better. I guess since I am old and not young and good looking like you three, I do not get contacted. Age has its benefits! :blush:

Nothing but the good stuff for you, eh @nikavoice?


Unfortunately, the newbie sellers that have contacted me have all seen my success (most even make note of it in their first message), and they seem to think that my success will ooze out onto them as well, making them wildly successful also, without them having to do anything. I, however, am not a “success bank”. They’ll have to work hard to earn their own success just as you and I have done. :wink:


Well, age ain’t nothing but a number. :wink:

How does the old saying go again…

“Like a fine wine :wine_glass: you only get better with age” Something like that!

@hanshuber16 must receive secret admirer mail but he’s being coy about it. :grin:

Uh-huh! Nothing but the best and nothing less. :partying_face:


Trust me people will PAY a boatload of money to learn some of your secret sauce.

Your success is most wanted at the moment. :cowboy_hat_face:

Maybe an eBook in the foreseeable :crystal_ball: future? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: