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'Member' badge? How exactly can I use it?

I have recently been given a ‘Member’ badge on fiverr and it says that I have reached trust level 2. But I am not sure how exactly is it helpful for me and what all can I do after getting it?
Can someone please point me in the right direction, about the additional features this badge offers?


You already have all the info. you need about the member badge in the badge’s description:


I am sorry if you expected something more… perhaps an uptick in the number of clicks/views/impressions and orders/sales on Fiverr? :thinking:

Just an FYI to the forum users (especially new users): your activity on the forum has little to no impact on your stats or sales on Fiverr.


Hi hanshuber16,
Thanks for your response, but not everyone who posts here has false intentions, so don’t always assume negative. Its nice to give benefit of doubt to others, sometimes :blush:
I have read this description that you have posted but genuinely could not understand what it means. That could be because I am not as smart as you, so after reading this, things were not as obvious to me, as they would’ve been you.
So wanted some better and practical explanation (or maybe some example) from others, who are already using these features.
As I genuinely could not understand and I always prefer to ask than assume.

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I am not sure why you would label someone as having “false intentions” if they’re expecting an increase in their stats and sales? It is being optimistic, if you ask me. Optimism is good.

Besides, I never assumed anything negative. In fact, if you read my post again, notice how I used the word “if”?

If, however, you didn’t expect such an outcome from your “member” badge, why get affected/bothered by it? Because, clearly, it doesn’t apply to you. That’s the reason why I used the word if in my post.

I NEVER made an assumption.

I only use a bare minimum of features on the forum. So I may not be the best person to give a practical explanation/examples of those features to you. Sorry.


Then this clearly seems like a case of miss-communication.
Sorry if my tone was harsh, but I am just looking for better explaination :+1:


It’s just a forum badge, giving you the ability to do a bit more within the forum.

As you can see in the explanation you got, you can like more posts per day than you previously could, you can create group personal messages within the forum (if you do it, do make sure that everyone invited into the group message wants to be invited, or you can get reported), and you can invite other forum users to participate in topics (again, only do it if you’re sure that they would be interested in it, otherwise you’re spamming).

If you’re not interested in chatting with a bunch of people via private messages, and don’t feel the need to invite people to check out certain topics, then nothing really changes for you.


Ah so I can create groups and chat with people now?
That’s quite handy :+1:

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Thank you so much for clarifying that catwriter. It’s helpful :blush:

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Please be nice to my hanshuber16, he is like the :robot: robot of fiverr forums, he karate chops the silly right out of this place, with the quickness. In fact I mistakenly thought he was a moderator, and he should be.

Remember my first post hanshuber16, and that guy was like; “blah blah blah”, and you were like “Dude, I don’t even understand the words coming out your mouth right now!” And I was like :heart:.

Good times :joy:

-satire, Cheers


You don’t use the badge or get any benefits from it or get it to place it anywhere. The badges are just visible when someone rolls their mouse over your name and your profile window pops up. The only way it can really help you is by generating trust and credibility from other forum users or perhaps admin who see your badge.

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Thanks humanissocial

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