MEMBER lies ref feedback


I had some work carried out by a member on Fiverr site for the first time for an audio intro for my son; he is 10 years old. The members’ name was ****

My experience was unbelievably poor, with the level of expertese, not at all worth the $58 dollars I paid, but more like $10 at best

His response and feedback after my honest feedback was deliberately falsified to justify his own ‘special rating’, that I guess is what he does to every unhappy client; bribing them to change the rating to 5 stars.
The reason I needed the logo ‘redone’, as he put it, was because he did it wrong three times and told me it was finished!!!
The service from the outset was not technically executed very well and the finale was extremely poor with his approach and amiable resolution to solving issues. The service overall was not professional and could have easily been resolved, if the bribery was not so clear in his mind

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Can you remove the seller’s name from your post please? Thank you in advance! :sunny:


Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with this seller.

Send a note to Customer Support to express your grievances.