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Member since 2011, only 2 sales :(

So I joined Fiverr way back in 2011 but I was looking to hire some freelancers. Fast forward to 2016 and I am back but this time trying to make some money. Now, there is this omnipresent date on my profile “Member since October 2011”

So I am wondering, will that affect my success? I mean do you think prospective buyers will wonder why I have made only 2 sales since 2011? And is there an option of hiding that date from my profile?

I think this will give you more creed. It shows you have been around a while. If someone contacts you tell them the truth. Or, mention in your bio you are a proud seller since 2011…turned seller in 2016…

That’s a great idea! I am tempted to plagiarize “proud seller since 2011….turned seller in 2016…” :smiley:

Except, you haven’t been selling since 2011. So you aren’t a “proud seller since 2011”. You’ve had a dormant, unused Fiverr seller account for five years. Be honest. Don’t misrepresent the truth to try to fool people into purchasing from you.

As of right now, you only have two reviews on your seller account. You gained the first one yesterday. So, in all honesty, you’ve only been a proud seller since yesterday.

Keep in mind too, that future buyers can see this, and they might think you are a dishonest seller if you claim to have been selling since 2011.

I too contacted support as I have only been selling for one month, but a member since 2013 (purchased one gig for FB). Support replied that they cannot change the dates, but that I should delete the account and start another one thus reflecting the latest date.
Instead, I just added a few lines in my bio section, “member since 2013, but recently a Seller.”

Did this work for you?