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Members selling Twitter Followers that drop


I recently purchased twitter followers here on fiverr. The seller says "I GUARANTEE my followers will last. If you have any problems at all after purchasing just contact me and I will fix it, so order with confidence. This is a FIVERR Exclusive Offer."

However, after a few days all of the followers have dropped (unfollowed). This guy is raking in a fortune on fiverr selling followers that just unfollow a few days later. After receiving the followers I’m happy so I complete the transaction and rate the seller. However, I wish there was a way to file a complaint a few days later or revise my rating as some transactions can’t be properly reviewed until days later, such as in this case.

The guy doesn’t respond back either.

In a situation like this can nothing be done? There should be an easy way to change my rating.


You could change your original feedback to negative to warn others, and submit a request to CS.


Yes. This happens because the seller is using a computer program to get fake profiles to follow you. They don’t (Unfollow) you, Twitter is closing the fake accounts.

You should wait a few days when the seller marks the order as complete. (You have a few days before the system automatically updates to complete, in which time you can reject the order).

Also, with feedback, like stated above you can go back at any time and change your feedback. Just go onto the order page and revise.

You should also contact Customer Support and they can refund you if the seller is in the wrong.

As a buyer, you have the options and a power advantage over a seller. That’s the protection for you. It may bug us sellers sometimes, but at times like this it’s really good to have.


Thanks for the advice guys. I have no idea how to revise the feedback. It says thanks for your feedback and a checkmark beside it. There doesn’t seem to be an option to revise it.


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Your are still on lucky side, Hope they do not ban your twitter account


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Reply to @vedmak: It is VERY VERY easy to say what vedmark is saying, and VERY VERY convenient too. If you advertise something, YOU have to deliver it, otherwise it is a false publicity which is a felony, PERIOD. If you know your followers will drop because of what you said “fast way is never jada jada”…then DO NOT advertise that you GUARANTEE no drops, simple. You sound EXACTLY as those who use this kind of websites to trick people.


I’m sorry to hear about that guy. If you’re still looking for followers, feel free to check out my gig. We offer 5k+ followers that are PERMANENT for $5! We provide quick service (within 2 days) & we have a guaranteed protection plan. Thank you


Reply to @azaelics: You are writing back to someone who posted in 2013.


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